Killeen Trip ‘Wednesday’s Draw’

Killeen Trip

Twenty three members of Borris, from among those who participate in the Wednesday draw, went for an overnight stay in Knightsbrook Hotel, Trim on Wednesday 13th April. On Wednesday 13th the group played in Killeen Castle before moving on to the hotel for dinner and a singsong. The following morning there was a problem with allowing electric buggies on the Knightsbrook course so the fallback plan of playing in Craddockstown just outside Naas, was activated. All the players really enjoyed Craddockstown. Each day’s competition was played in an open draw team format of 3 or 4 players with two scores to count on each hole and 5 points deducted from 4 man teams to equalize the numbers disparity.

The prizewinners were :

Killeen Castle:  

1st   Moling Reddy, Tim Kelly and Des Murphy – 83 pts
2nd  P.J.Dowling,Tom Foley and Tom Coburn  – 75 pt
3rd   Michael Cowman, Louis Cosgrave and Michael Dundon – 72 pts


1st  Michael Cowman, Louis Cosgrave, ConorMcCarthy and Des Murphy – 88 pts
2nd Moling Reddy, Eamon Quirke and Brian Fox. 80 pts
3rd  P.J.Dowling, Jim Kielthy, Tim Kelly and Kevin Cosgrave – 78 pts.

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