•  Full Membership from now until the end of 2014 for anyone seeking to join.  Subscription €550.00.


  • Full Membership for persons under 30 years of age and over 80 years of age on 1st Jan in relevant year at the reduced subscription of €350.00 per annum.


  • Full Membership for new Members who were not previously Members of a Golf Club at the reduced rate of €350.00 in the first year, available from now to end 2014.


  • Introductory Membership for a partner or child (new to golf) of an existing Member until they attain a playing handicap when the full subscription shall become payable but in any event not exceeding a two year period – subscription €175.00.


  • J1 (Juvenile) Membership for €100 (child of Member €60). Summer Camps organised every summer each Monday and Wednesday.

All Applications for Membership are subject to the procedures required by the Club Rules and the approval of the Committee of Management.

Application form for Borris Golf Club          Open to view/print

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Standing order options 2014[1]                   Open to view/print

To enquire about becoming a member, please contact us at or call us at (059) 9773310.