Ladies Competition Results

Ladies Christmas Gala Day 8th Dec:

Mary Smyth 20,36

Nuala Walshe 28,36

Ann Hughes. 35 36

Valerie Gallagher 18. 37

Kathy Mitchall 18.  37

Get into Golf Ladies:

Winner: Teresa Clare

Well done to all ladies  who participated.


Kevin Ryan’s Captain’s Prize to Ladies:

1st Bridie Galvan (18) 74, (back 9)

2nd Lorraine Kearney (29) 74

3rd Kathy Mitchell (18) 76 (back 9)

Gross Eileen Kelly (10) 86

4th Breda Kavanagh (30) 76

5th Helen Jordan (17) 77 (Back 9) 


Ladies: Thursday 18th August 18 hole Stableford

1st      Margaret Collins.     (12)  34pts
2nd   Emer o Brien.           (28)  33pts
3rd    Geraldine Treacy.   (33)  32pts

Thursday 1st September ladies open 3 person team event in aid of Éist.
Your support would be greatly appreciated for this very worthy charity.
Booking available on line.


Thursday 11th August Ladies 18 hole Stableford
1st       Geraldine Treacy       (33) 32 pts
2nd      Kathy Mitchell           (18) 31 pts
3rd      Kathleen Quinn          (27) 31 pts

Ladies open  team Competition in aid of Eist will be held on Thursday 1st
September.   Your support would be greatly appreciated for this very worthy Charity.


Thursday 4th August 18 hole v-par

1st.      Eileen Kelly.              (12).  4 up
2nd.    Brenda McCarthy (23). 1 down
3rd.     Geraldine Treacy.    (33). 1 down


Thursday 28th July open 3 person rumble

1st.      Mgt Collins. (12)
Linda Donohoe (18)
Mary Condon.     (21).    68 Pts

2nd.    Kathy Mitchell.    (18)
Jo Byrne.              (19)
Maury Coe.          (23).     66 pts

3rd.    Bridie Galavan.    (18)
Mary Smyth.        (19)
Geraldine Treacy (33).    64 pts


Thursday 21st July  18 hole stroke competition

1st      Brenda McCarthy.     (24).     70
2nd   Eileen Kelly.                 (12).      72
3rd    Kathy Mitchell.           (14).      73

Ladies get into Golf winners
Tuesday.  Ann  O Grady
Wednesday Claire O Brien


Open week Borris

Monday 4th July 3 person Waltz:

1st   Eileen Kelly Borris      (11)      7

Joanne Kenny Bunclody (17)

Mary Smyth Borris  (19)           70 Points


2nd Valeria Gallagher Borris  (17)

Niamh Connolly Borris     (18)

Maura Coe Gowran           (22)       68 points


3rd Bridie Galavan  Borris       (18)

Julie McCarthy Enniscorthy (15)

Mary Bolger Enniscorthy     (19)    66points

 Tuesday 9 Hole mixed

1st    Sean & Geraldine Treacy   (51)    32 ½ Points

2nd   Greg Murphy & Mary Morrissey (35)  35 ¼ Points


Thursday 7Th July 2 person Team event:

 1st    Ita Madigan & Helen Murphy Castlecomer  42 Pts

2nd Joan O Connell & Bridie Galavan                        41 pts

3rd  Sheila Connolly & Maura Coe                              40 pts

4th  Brid Whelan & Jo Byrne                                          39 pts

5    Helen Jordan & Mary Hughes                              39 pts



Thursday June 30th 18 hole v par

1st.      Eileen Kelly       (12)  Even

2nd.     Ann Hughes   (36)  2 down

3rd.      Brenda McCarthy  (23)  4 down

New to Golf  Results
Tuesday winners
Jo Hughes & Mags Doyle

Wednesday winners

Clare O’Brien & Orla Feeney                                                                                                                                                        ***************************************************************

Thursday 23rd June
18 hole stroke Competition

1st        Linda Donohoe       (18)  73
2nd      Eileen Kelly              (12)  74
3rd       Brenda McCarthy   (23)  74

New to Golf ladies Competition
Mags Doyle, Mairéad Breen and Ann o Grady
Kathleen Murphy and Josephine Hughes


Thursday 16th June 18 hole Stableford Competition

1st.         Eileen Kelly.       (13).     37 pts b/9
2nd.       Mary Morrissey (23).    37 pts
3rd.        Geraldine Treacy (33). 31 pts

The ladies get into Golf has proved very successful with around 30 ladies taken part.
On Tuesday and Wednesday of last week we held a competition for our new to golf ladies.
The winners were  Kathleen Murphy and Marion Townsend.
We would like to wish these ladies many happy days golfing and extend a big welcome to  them to Borris Golf Club


Thursday 9th May 18 hole v-par
1st.     Eileen Kelly         (12) All flat. B/9
2nd.    Nuala Walsh.     (31) All flat
3rd.     Janette o Neil.  (30) 1 down



Saturday 11th May. Lady Captains Prize

1st.        Nuala Walsh.            (31).   67
2nd.      Mary Smyth.             (20).  69
3rd.       Geraldine Treacy.    (34).  69
Gross.   Bernie Byrne.           (9).    73
4th.        Mary Morrissey.      (23).  71 b/9
5th.        Linda Donohoe.       (19).  71
Past lady Captains Bridie Galvan. (18).  71


Thursday 26th May

18 hole Stroke Competition

 1st    Brenda McCarthy               (23)     75

 2nd  Eileen Kelly                            (13)      76

 3rd   Martha Kelly                         (21)      78

Hard luck to The Boyne Trophy Team who lost to Templemore on Wednesday


President’s Prize to Ladies:

1st Bernie Byrne (10) 74,

2nd Geraldine Treacy (34) 76,

3rd Mary Smyth (20) 76,

4th Liz Sheehan (23) 79 B/9,

5th Mary Quirke (14) 79,

6th Valerie Gallagher (17) 80.


Ladies Results
Thursday 27 April 18 hole stroke Spring Splash Competition
1st.       Bernie Byrne.        (10). 77
2nd.      Valerie Gallagher. (17). 77
3rd.      Mary Smyth.          (20) 78
4th.      Emer O Brien.        (27)  78
5th.      Mgt.   Whelan.       (30). 78

Thursday 5 th May.  18hole Stableford

1st.    Janette O Neill.     (30).    33 pts
2nd.   Nuala Walsh.         (31).    32 pts
3rd.   Sheila Connolly.    (23).   31 pts


Ladies 18 hole V/Par competition Thursday 21/04/2016

1st.       Mary Smyth.       (20).   All flat
2nd.     Eileen Kelly.         (13).    2 down
3rd.      Frances Long.     (17).    2 down

Well done to the Challenge Team who had a great win over Bunclody on Sunday.
Hard luck to The Junior Cup team who were narrowly defeated by New Ross on Friday last.


Ladies open 18hole 3 Ts competition Thursday 14th April

1st.           Maura Coe Gowran       (23).   35 pts
2nd.         Frances Long.                 (19).   33 pts
3rd.          Nuala Walsh.                   (31).   32 pts
4th.          Joan Nordloken.             (14).   32 pts
5th.          Cat o Driscol.                (21).   31 pts
6th.          Jacinta Culleton.            (21).   31 pts
7th.          Eileen Kelly.                      (13).   30 pts
8th.          Jo Byrne.                          (19).   30 pts
9th.          Kathy Mitchell.                (18).   30 pts
10th.        Ger Hickey.                       (20).  29 pts

Well done to the Intermediate team who have a great win over Mount Wolsley recently.   They now progress to the next round.


16 Holes v par: Thursday 24th March

1st.          Emer o Brien    (27)  1 down
2nd.        Mgt  Collins       (8)  4 down

Tuesday  22nd March 9 Hole Stableford

Nuala Walsh (30)    17 pts********************************************************************

Ladies golf results Thursday 10/03/2016

10 hole v-par

1st:      Mary Smyth        (20)   1 down
2nd:   Margaret Geoghegan (13)   1 down
3rd:    Geraldine Treacy (34)  1 down




 Thursday 3/3/2016 10 hole Stableford 

1st          Eileen Kelly.         (7).  19pts
2nd        Mary Quirke.      (14). 18pts
3rd         Janette O’Neill.  (29). 18pts


 Sunday  08.11.15

Tuesday 9 Hole Competition  -  November 3rd

 Joint winners:-  Brenda McCarthy & Helen Jordan with 17 Points.

 Ladies Weekly Competition  -  Thursday November 5th

Cancelled because of insufficient numbers due to inclement weather.

Annual Captains’ Dinner Dance proved to be a most enjoyable occasion, at Step House Hotel,  marking  the culmination of a very successful term of office for Captains Linda Donohoe and John Byrne.  Music was provided by the ‘Voice of Ireland’ himself,  the inimitable Pat Byrne and  his band.

Annual General Meeting of Ladies Club will take place in the Clubhouse on Monday 9th November at 8pm.  All full and Interim Lady Members requested to attend.


                                           ***  DID  YOU  KNOW  ***

If a player does not specifically inform his opponent or fellow competitor that he intends to play a provisional ball  the ball he subsequently plays is not a provisional,  but becomes the ball in play,  and then the original ball is deemed lost and cannot be played if later found.

(See Rule 27-2)



 Sunday  25.10.15

 Tuesday 9 Hole Competition  -  October 20th

 Winner:   Mgt Geoghegan  (14)


Ladies Weekly Competition  -  Thursday 22nd   October  -  16 Holes –V-Par

1st       Mary Sheill               (21)               2 Down                        

2nd       Mgt Brown               (31)               3 Down B/9

3rd       H Jordan                   (16)               3 Down


Nan Joyce Matchplay Final

 Margaret Collins (13) defeated Eileen Kelly (13)  2/1


Annual General Meeting of Ladies Club

will take place in the Clubhouse on Monday 9th November at 8pm.


***   DID YOU KNOW   ***


There is no relief from a ball embedded in its own pitch mark in the rough,   unless it is on a tightly mown area, i.e a walking path through the rough.

 See Rule 25-2


Borris Golf Club   -   Ladies Club                                           Sunday  18.10.15


Tuesday 9 Hole Competition  -  October 13th

Joint Winners:   Brenda McCarthy  (24)  & Mgt Collins (13)   15Pts


Ladies Weekly Competition  -  Thursday 15th  October  -  16 Holes Stableford

1st       Bridie Galavan         (18)               30 Pts                           

2nd       Frances Long           (18)               28 Pts

3rd       Mgt Geoghegan      (14 )              27 Pts


Bolheim Cup  Match play Pairings and Opponents

        Team A                                                        Team B

M Quirke  & K Quinn               - V-           E Kelly  & A Hughes

B Galavan & A Williams          -V-           J Byrne & J Keyes

L Donohoe & E Cody                -V-           B McCarthy & E O’Brien

H Jordan & M Brown               -V-           M Kelly & P Kearney


       Team C                                                          Team D

M Geoghegan & M Smyth      – V-          B Byrne & G Treacy

K Mitchell & V Gallagher         – V-          B Nolan & L Kearney

S Walsh & M Whelan               - V-          L Sheehan & L Kidd

N Walsh & J O’Neill                   – V-          N Connolly & N Whelan


***   DID YOU KNOW   *** 

If you remove a loose impediment and this causes your ball to move the ball must be replaced,  and, (unless your ball was on the putting green),                you incur a penalty of one stroke

Rule 23


Borris Golf Club   -   Ladies Club                                           Sunday  11.10.15

 Tuesday 9 Hole Competition  -  October 6th

 Winner:   Martha Kelly  (22)   15  Pts


Ladies Weekly Competition  -  Thursday 8th  October  -  18 Holes V-Par.

 1st       Niamh Connolly      (17)                           All Flat                          

2nd       Eileen Kelly               (13)               1 Down b/9

3rd       Mgt Geoghegan      (14 )                          1 Down


Bolheim Cup  2015/16

Personnel on Teams A, B, C and D  is currently on Ladies notice board.

Bino Foley Match play Final.

Winner of 2015 Final is Mary Smyth (21) ,  victorious over Bridie Galavan (18) in a very closely contested match with a 2/1 result.


***   DID YOU KNOW   ***

If the player arrives at his starting point, ready to play, within five minutes after his starting time, the penalty for failure to start on time is:-

In Match play  -   Loss of the first hole.             (Rule 6-3a)

In Stroke play  -   Two strokes at the first hole. (Rule 6-3a)

In V Par             -   Deduct one hole from the aggregate of holes.                    (Note 2 to Rule 32-1a)

In Stableford    -   Deduct 2 points from the total points scored on the round. (Note 2 to Rule 32-1b)

Arriving later than 5 minutes -  the penalty for breach of this Rule is disqualification.

 Exception:   Where the Committee determines that exceptional circumstances have

                        prevented a player from starting on time, there is no penalty.



Borris Golf Club   -   Ladies Club                                           Sunday  04.10.15


Tuesday 9 Hole Competition  -  Sept 29th   -  Stableford

 Joint winners:   Julie Keyes  (30)   & Breda Nolan (21)   –    16  Pts


Autumn Splash Competition  -  18 Holes Strokeplay   -  Thursday 1st October.

 1st       Breda Nolan             (21)               72 Nett                         

2nd       Mgt Collins               (12)               75Nett

3rd       Brid Whelan              (13 )              76 b/9

4th       Bernie Byrne            (10)                76 Nett

5th       Liz Sheehan              (23)                77 Nett

6th       Nuala Walsh            (31)                78 b/9

7th       Mgt Geoghegan      (14)                78 Nett


Bolheim Club 2015/16

Names list currently on notice board for entry to above competition.

***   DID YOU KNOW   ***

7-2. During Round
A player must not make a practice stroke during play of a hole.

Between the play of two holes a player must not make a practice stroke, except that he may practice putting or chipping on or near:

a. the putting green of the hole last played,
b. any practice putting green, or
c. the teeing ground of the next hole to be played in the round,

provided a practice stroke is not made from a hazard and does not unduly delay play (Rule 6-7).


Borris Golf Club   -   Ladies Club                                           Sunday  27.09.15

 Tuesday 9 Hole Competition  -  Sept 22nd   -  Stableford.

 Winner:        Margaret Geoghegan      (14)          17 Pts


 18 Hole Weekly Members Competition  -  Stableford  -  Thursday 24th September.

 1st       Janette O’Neill    (33)                     39 Pts               

2nd       Bridie Galavan    (18)                     35 Pts

3rd       Mgt Collins           (12)                    34 Pts

Autumn Splash

Mini Major Competition is scheduled for Thursday 1st October.

Timesheet is on notice board in Ladies Room.

Bolheim Club 2015/16

Nameslist is currently on noticeboard for entry to above competition.

                                               ***   DID YOU KNOW   ***

 In Match Play there is no penalty  If a player, when starting a hole plays from a wrong teeing ground,   or  from outside the teeing ground,   but  the opponent may immediately require the player to cancel the stroke and play a ball from within the teeing ground.  (If the opponent does not require the player to cancel the stroke the stroke stands without penalty.)

(See Rule 11-4 and 11.5)




Tues 9 hole s/ford:

1st Helen Jordan (16)  16pts &  Liz Sheehan(23) 16pts.

Thurs ladies 18 hole v par.

1st Margaret Collins (13) 4up

2nd Jo Byrne (19)1down, bck/9

3rd Brenda McCarthy (23) 1down.

Fri.18th. Past Lady Captain’s 18hole s/ford.

1st Mary Quirke (14) 37 pts. bck/9

2nd Jo Byrne(19) 37 pts

3rd Kathy Mitchell 35 pts.



Borris Golf Club   -   Ladies Club                                           Sunday  13.09.15

 Tuesday 9 Hole Competition  -  Sept 8th  –  Stableford.

 Winner:         Sheila Connolly      (24)                 21 Pts

 Open 3 Person Charity Rumble  – Thursday 10th September.   Very well supported raising €800 for  ‘EIST’ Cancer Support Centre in Carlow.  Grateful thanks to our very generous sponsor Ann Phelan, Bagenalstown Pharmacy.

 1st       M Brown (31)   P Kearney (30)  L Kearney (29)  Borris.                              72 Pts               

2nd       H Jordan (16)  M Collins  (13)  Borris,  & M Bailey(24) , Carlow               72 Pts

3rd       G Hickey (20)  G Latchford (22)  Kerrie Bolger (29)  Gowran Park          71 Pts

Club Matchplay  Finals.

Bino Foley Rosebowl      -     M Smyth – V – B Galavan

Nan Joyce Matchplay     -    M Collins  -V – E Kelly


***   DID YOU KNOW   ***

 If a player swings at and misses a wrong ball . . .

since the player made a stroke with a wrong ball, he lost the hole in match play (Rule 15-3a)

or incurred a two-stroke penalty in stroke play (Rule 15-3b).






Borris Golf Club   -   Ladies Club                                          Sunday  06.09.15


Ladies Weekly Competition   -  Thursday September 3rd    -   18 Holes Stableford.

1st        Sheila Connolly                   (24)                38 Pts.

2nd       Stephanie Dargan              (30)                34 Pts.

3rd       Helen Jordan                       (16)                34 Pts.

Borris Ladies Outing to Tulfarris Golf Club on Tuesday 1st Sept was most enjoyable.  Twelve Ladies attended.

Mgt Geoghegan,  Kathleen Quinn and Janette O’Neill won the 3 Person team competition in the outing.


Fundraiser for ‘EIST’ Cancer Support Centre Thursday 10th September at Borris Golf Club.


Ladies Open 3 Person Rumble. Limited number of slots still available on timesheet. Contact 059 9773310.


***   DID YOU KNOW   ***

Partners  may share clubs, provided that the total number of clubs carried by the partners so sharing does not exceed fourteen.


RULE 4-4b





Ladies Club -  

Tuesday 25th August 9 Hole: Shelia Connolly (26) 19pts.

Thursday 27th Ladies Club Major:

1st: Bernie Byrne (11) 69

2nd Shelia Connolly (26) 70

3rd Mary Quirke (14) B/9 75

4th Margaret Collins (13) 75

5th Linda Donohoe (19) B/9 76

6th Lorraine Kearney (29) 76.


 Ladies Club                                           Sunday  23.08.15

 Tuesday Ladies 9 Hole Stableford  -  18/08/15

Winner:    Eithne Cody     (25)    16 pts

Ladies Weekly Competition   -  Thursday Aug. 20th  -   18 Holes Stableford.


1st        Helen Jordan                       (16)                37 Pts.

2nd       Janette O’Neill                     (33)                36 Pts.

3rd       Geraldine Treacy                (34)                 35 Pts.


Hole-in-one  Hearty congratulations to Margaret Geoghegan who,  not for the first time,  did the business in style on 4th Hole in above competition.

Bino Foley  -  Matchplay  – Quarter Finals

Bridie Galavan was victorious over Janette O’Neill  while  Eithne Cody defeated Margaret Geoghegan in two closely contested matches last Monday.

New ‘Ladies Club Major’ competition,  which replaces The Committee Prize,  is scheduled for Thursday 27th August.   Timesheet is now available on notice board in Ladies Locker Room.

Fundraiser for ‘EIST’ Cancer Support Centre Thursday 10th September at Borris Golf Club.

Ladies Open 3 Person Rumble. Timesheet now available.  This annual event,  sponsored by Ann Phelan, Bagenalstown Pharmacy,  is always very well supported,  and we look forward to full timesheet on the day.


***   DID YOU KNOW   ***

Revised Decision 27-2a/1.5 allows a player to go forward up to approximately 50 yards without forfeiting his or her right to go back and play a provisional ball.”


 Sunday  16.08.15

 Ladies Weekly Competition   -  Thursday Aug. 13th  -   18 Holes –v- Par.

 1st        Valerie Gallagher                (17)                1 up.

2nd       Geraldine Treacy                (34)                1 up.

3rd       Linda Donohoe                   (19)                All Flat


Bino Foley  -  Matchplay  – Quarter Finals

Mary Smyth (21)   beat Eileen Kelly (13)  to proceed to the Semi Final stage.

New ‘Ladies Club Major’ competition,  which replaces The Committee Prize,  is scheduled for Thursday 27th August.   Timesheet is now available on notice board in Ladies Locker Room.

Fundraiser for ‘EIST’ Cancer Support Centre in Carlow  is planned for Thursday 10thSeptember at Borris Golf Club.  Format for the competition is a Ladies Open 3 Person Rumble.  This annual event,  run by Borris Golf Club Ladies and sponsored by Ann Phelan, Bagenalstown Pharmacy,  is always very well supported,  and we look forward to full timesheet on the day.  Timesheet will be available midweek.

A very successful social evening for prospective new Lady Members was thoroughly enjoyed by attendees recently with a little fun and banter, and a helping hand from a PRO Professional to whet the appetites. It is intended to repeat the experience in the short term and anyone interested in participating should contact the Lady Captain for further info.

***  DID YOU KNOW ***

 If a ball struck by you is deflected or stopped by another ball at rest,  there is normally no penalty and the ball is played as it lies  


In strokeplay only,  if both balls lay on the putting green before you made your stroke you incur a two-stroke penalty

RULE 19-5a


Borris Golf Club   -   Ladies Club                                           Sunday  09.08.15


Ladies 9 Hole Stableford  -  Tuesday Aug 4th.

 Winner :   Margaret Collins (13)  19 Pts.


Ladies Weekly Competition   -  Thursday Aug. 6th  -   18 Holes Strokeplay.

 1st        Eileen Kelly                           (14)                69 Nett.

2nd       Kathy Mitchell                     (18)                71 Nett.

3rd       Nuala Walsh                        (32)                71 Nett.


Borris Trophy  – Friday Aug. 7th

Blessed with beautiful weather a most enjoyable day was had by all competitors in this prestigious Open Foursomes Annual Team Competition for 29-36 Handicap Golfers run by Borris Golf Club Ladies in August each year.

With a four shot lead over Enniscorthy’s score of 65 Pts,  New Ross GC were victorious with 69 Pts,  taking home the much coveted ‘Borris Trophy’.   Gowran Park and Castlecomer were 3rdand 4th respectively.


Bino Foley  – Matchplay  – Quarter Finals

E. Kelly (13)  -V-  M Smyth (21)

L Donohoe (19)   – V- B McCarthy (23)

B Galavan (18)  – V-  J O’Neill  (33)

E Cody (25)  -V- M Geoghegan (14)


Nan Joyce Trophy – Matchplay  Final.

E Kelly (13)  -v-  M Collins (13)


***  DID  YOU  KNOW  ***


In Foursomes Match Play
If a player plays when his partner should have played, his side loses the hole.   (Rule 29-2.)


In Foursomes Stroke Play (incl.Stableford) If the partners make a stroke or strokes in incorrect order, such stroke or strokes are cancelled and the side incurs a penalty of two strokesRule 29-3.

The side must correct the error by playing a ball in correct order as nearly as possible at the spot from which it first played in incorrect order (see Rule 20-5)


Tuesday 28th July 9 Hole: Margaret Geoghegan (14) 17pts.


Carlow/Kilkenny Homecare Charity:

1st:    Margaret Moore (13)

Pauline Walker (18)

Mary Jordan (23)  70pts

2nd:   Margaret Geoghegan (14)

Linda Donohoe (19)

Kay Gray (31)  69pts B/9

3rd:    Ann Mullins (14)

Nora Barron (16)

Maura Coe (23)  69pts



Borris Golf Club   -   Ladies Club                                           Sunday  26.07.15

Ladies 9 Hole Stableford  -  Tuesday 21st July

Joint winners :   Martha Kelly (20)  & Mgt Collins  (13)   -   18 Pts.


Ladies Weekly Competition  -  Thursday July23rd   -   18 Holes V Par

 1st        Martha Kelly                                    (20)                    1 Dw B/6

2nd       Kathy Mitchell                                 (18)                    1 Dw

3rd       Stephanie Dargan                          (29)                    2 Dw


Captain John Byrne’s Prize to Ladies   -  Saturday July 25th   – 18 Holes Strokeplay.

Greens and Bunkers may have proved difficult for some in this prestigious Major Competition,  but not for the Bernie Byrne,  who cantered home to victory with a two shot lead to take the much coveted Crystal Trophy from the Prize table.  No mean feat on her part, having claimed the Lady Captain’s prize 5 weeks previously with the same score.


1st       Bernie Byrne                        (12)                69 Nett

2nd       Valerie Gallagher                (18)                71 Nett

3rd       Mgt Geoghegan                  (14)                72 Nett

4th       Linda Donohoe                   (19)                74 Nett

5th       Mgt Collins                           (13)                76 Nett B/9

6th       Eileen Kelly                           (14)                76 Nett



Thursday 16th July- Anne Hughes Prize:

1st Patricia Kearney (30) 34pts B/9

2nd Emer O’Brien (27) 34pts

3rd Margaret Geoghegan (14) 33pts.

Tuesday 14th July 9 Hole:

Winners Martha Kelly (21) 19pts & Mary Morrissey (23) 19pts.

Thursday 9th July- Catherine Kiernan’s Prize:

1st Margaret Geoghegan (15) 70

2nd Martha Kelly (21) 74 B/9

3rd Margaret Collins (13) 74


Open Week Results: Ladies 3 Person Waltz: 1st Eileen Kelly (14), Joanne Kelly (16) & Mary Jordan (23) 86pts, 2nd Nollag Lucas (23), Brenda McCarthy (23) & Margaret Geoghegan (15) 77pts, 3rd Margaret Collins (13), Nora Barron (15) & Sinéad Kenny (13) 77pts.

Mixed 9 Hole Foursomes: 1st AF Mitchell (17) & Valerie Gallagher (18) 34.25, 2nd Sean Byrne (17) & Maura Coe (23) 36, 3rd Jim Kielty (17) & Mary Smith (21) 36.5, 4th Greg Murphy (14) & Margaret Whelan (30) 37, 5th Pierce Healy (10) & Kathy Mitchell (18) 37.25.

Two Person Team: 1st Mary Sheill (20) & Mary Smith (21) 49 B/6, 2nd Bríd Whelan (12) & Jo Byrne (19) 49, 3rd Margaret Geoghegan (15) & Janette O’Neill (33) 45 B/6, 4th Ger Hickey (26) & Helen Dunne (23) Gowran 45, 5th Valerie Gallagher (18) & Maura Coe (23) 44.


Borris Golf Club   -   Ladies Club                                           Sunday  28.06.15


Ladies Weekly Competition  -  Thursday June 25th     -   18 Holes Stableford.

1st        Margaret Brown                            (32)                38 Pts

2nd       Margaret Collins                             (13)                37 Pts last 9

3rd       Valerie Gallagher                            (25)                37 Pts


 Club Mixed draw has been made and is posted in Clubhouse.

 Open week Timesheets  currently available in Clubhouse.

Limited  space available for Ladies competitions on Monday 29th  and Thursday July 2nd.

Phone 059 9773310 for time sheets.


***  DID  YOU  KNOW  ***

If a player starts his downswing and the club head separates from the shaft making it impossible to make contact with the ball the player is deemed to have made a stroke.


Rule 14   -   Decision 14/3


Borris Golf Club   -   Ladies Club                                           Sunday  14.06.15

 Tuesday 9 Hole Stableford Competition   -  June 9th  

Winner:      Elizabeth Sheehan   (20)       18 Pts.



Ladies Weekly Competition – Thursday June 11th     –  18 Holes Stroke play.

1st        Linda Donohoe                   (19)                73 Nett

2nd        Helen Jordan                      (15)                74 last 9

3rd        Margaret Geoghegan      (14)                74


 Inter Club Match play  

Irish Mixed Foursomes :               Kilkenny beat Borris 3/2

Finn Trophy Ladies Fourball:      Enniscorthy beat Borris 3/2

Cullen Trophy Mixed 4Somes      Borris  -V- Edenderry on Sunday 21st   All 5 Matches Away.


 Open week Ladies timesheets  currently available in Clubhouse.

Monday 29th June   -   3 Ladies Waltz.   (1 score on 1st/ 2on 2nd / 3 on 3rd/ 1 on 4th etc. etc.)             

Tuesday 30th June   -   9 Hole Mixed Foursomes.

Thursday 2nd July    -    Ladies 2 Person Team event.


 Lady Captain Linda Donohoe’s Prize  is scheduled for Saturday June 20th.  Draw sheet is posted in Clubhouse.  Phone 059 9773310   Food requirements  to be indicated on notice on board.


 CLUB MIXED.  Closing date for entries Monday June 22nd.


***  DID  YOU  KNOW  ***

Q -    A Sprinkler head  which does not physically interfere with the players lie, stance or area of his intended swing  bothers the player mentally.    Is the player entitled to relief ?

 A -  NO.  The player must actually have physical interference in order to obtain relief.


(Rule 24-2)



Borris Golf Club   -   Ladies Club Report                                      

 Sunday  07-06-15

Tuesday 9 Hole Stableford Competition   -  June 2nd    

Winner:      Nuala Walsh               (31)               20 Pts.


Ladies Weekly Competition – Thursday June 4th     –  18 Holes Stableford.

1st     Eileen  Kelly                  (15)                          40 Pts

2nd    Brid Whelan                (13)              36 Pts

3rd     Mary Sheill                   (19)                          35 Pts

 Nan Joyce Match play Quarter Finalists

 B Galavan -v- E Kelly,   L Donohoe -v- K Quinn,  B Nolan -v- G Treacy,   H Jordan –v- M Collins


 Lady Captain Linda Donohoe’s Prize  is scheduled for Saturday June 20th.  Draw sheet posted in Clubhouse.  Phone 059 9773310.


Inter Club Match play  

  Irish Mixed Foursomes :               Borris  -V-  Kilkenny on Thursday 11th   (3 at home /2 Away)

Finn Trophy Ladies Fourball:      Borris  -V- Enniscorthy on Sunday 14th  (3 at home /2 Away)

 Cullen Trophy Mixed 4Somes      Borris  -V- Edenderry on Sunday 21st   (All 5 Matches Away)


CLUB MIXED.  Entries currently accepted with prepayment of €7 at Clubhouse.  In order to facilitate even numbers in the draw for match play,  please enter with a member of the opposite sex.  Closing date for entries Monday June 22nd.



***  DID  YOU  KNOW  ***

A ball in play at rest which is moved by another ball must be replaced. Failure to do so prior to making another stroke results in a 2 stroke penalty in stroke play, (including stableford or V Par)  or loss of hole in match play.

(Rule 18.5 )



Borris Golf Club   -   Ladies Club                                           Sunday  31.05.15

Tuesday 9 Hole Stableford Competition  -  May 25th    

Winner:  Breda Nolan  (20)   17 Pts.


Ladies Weekly Competition – Thursday May 21st    –  18 Holes Strokeplay

1st     Breda Nolan                     (20)          3 Down last 6

2nd    Margaret Geoghegan    (14)          3 Down

3rd     Anne Hughes                   (36)          4 Down last 9




****  DID YOU KNOW  ****

Q -  A ball is half buried in the rough. Having announced his intention in advance to his marker, the player, for the purpose of identifying the ball, touches the ball and rotates it. By so doing he identifies the ball as his ball. What is the ruling?


A -  The Player incurs a one stroke penalty.


Under Rules 12-2 and Rule 20-1, a ball may be lifted (or touched and rotated) for identification purposes after its position has been marked. If the player had marked the position of the ball before rotating it, there would have been no penalty, assuming the rotating did not result in the ball being cleaned beyond the extent necessary to identify it.



Borris Golf Club   -   Ladies Club                                           Sunday  24.05.15

   Tuesday 9 Hole Stableford Competition   -  May 19th    

Winner:  Emer O’Brien   (26)     17 Pts.

Ladies Weekly Competition – Thursday May 21st    –  18 Holes Strokeplay

1st     Eileen  Kelly                      (15)          71 Nett

2nd    Margaret Geoghegan    (14)          73 Nett

3rd     Martha Kelly                   (20)           74 Nett


 Inter Club Matchplay   Results

Ladies Boyne Trophy Fourball:   18/05/15     Castlecomer  beat Borris 3/2 .

Irish Mixed Foursomes :               19/05/15     Borris  beat Wexford 3/2

Cullen Trophy Mixed 4Somes     22/05/15     Borris  beat  Mount Wolseley 3½/




Borris Golf Club   -   Ladies Club                                           Sunday  17.05.15


Tuesday 9 Hole Stableford Competition   -  May 12th    

Winner:  Nuala Walsh   (31)    22 Pts.


Ladies Weekly Competition – Thursday May 14th – 18 Holes Stableford.


President AF Mitchell’s Prize to Ladies   -  Saturday 16th May.  18 Holes Strokeplay.

A great day was had by all participants in the President’s Prize to Ladies on Sunday. Blessed with good weather and good golf,  on a course which is playing long presently,  a very popular winner emerged in Brenda McCarthy who is a staunch supporter of and keen competitor in all our Ladies competitions, and an eminent Club member.    With a good entry to the competition,  and a nice sociable crowd in attendance at the presentation President Tony was very complimentary in his praise of the Ladies,  and the Club in general,  and was more than happy that his beautiful prize had found a good home with Brenda.

Overall Results

1st       Brenda McCarthy   (24)    73 Nett    last 9.

2nd      Emer O’Brien          (26)     73 Nett

3rd      Valerie Gallagher    (18)     74 Nett

Gross Catherine Kiernan  (12)    87

4th       Linda Donohoe       (19)    75 Nett

5th       Kathy Mitchell         (17)    75 Nett


Inter Club Matchplay    


Ladies Boyne Trophy Fourball:   Borris  -V- Castlecomer  on Monday May 18th at 4pm .

3 matches at home and two away.


Irish Mixed Foursomes matchplay : Borris  -v- Wexford  on Tuesday May 19th.

2 Matches at home and 3 away.


Cullen Trophy Mxd 4Somes Matchplay:  Borris -v- Mount Wolseley on Friday 22nd at 4.30.

5 Matches at home.


***  DID  YOU  KNOW  ***

In Match Play
If a player, when starting a hole, plays a ball from outside the teeing ground, there is no penalty, but the opponent may immediately require the player to cancel the stroke and play a ball from within teeing ground.


In Strokeplay

If a competitor, when starting a hole, plays a ball from outside the teeing ground, he incurs a penalty of two strokes and must then play a ball from within the teeing ground.

If the competitor makes a stroke from the next teeing ground without first correcting his mistake or, in the case of the last hole of the round, leaves the putting green without first declaring his intention to correct his mistake, he is disqualified.

(Rule 11-4)


Tuesday 9 Hole Stableford Competition on 5th May:    

1st: Geraldine Treacy (33) 19pts.


Thursday 7th May 18 Hole V Par:

 1st: Brenda McCarthy (24) 1 up

2nd: Margaret Geoghegan (14) Level Par

3rd: Nuala Walsh (31) 1 Down.


Inter Club Matchplay Results:

Borris beat Enniscorthy on Monday in The Irish Mixed Foursomes.

The Miele Team lost to Carlow on Tuesday 5th May.

The Ladies Intermediate team lost to Killerig in Mt Wolseley on Thursday 7th May.


President AF Mitchell’s Prize to Ladies takes place on Saturday 16th May.

Borris play Castlecomer in The Boyne Trophy on Monday 18th May.



Tuesday 9 Hole Stableford Competition on April 28th:    

1st Margaret Collins (13) 17pts


Spring Splash 18 Hole Singles Strokes held on Thursday 30th April:

 1st: Breda Nolan (20) 76 (back 9)

2nd Kathy Mitchell (17) 76

3rd Julie Keyes (30) 77 (back 9)

Gross Bernie Byrne (12) 90 (back 9)

5th Frances Long (17) 77

6th Valerie Gallagher (18) 77


Inter Club Matchplay Fixtures:

Borris play Enniscorthy on Monday in The Irish Mixed Foursomes.

The Miele Team play Carlow on Tuesday 5th May.

The Ladies Intermediate Team play Killerig in Mt Wolseley on Thursday 7th May.


Tuesday 9 Hole Stableford Competition on April 21st    

Shared Winners: Margaret Browne & Valerie Gallagher 18pts.


18 Hole Singles Strokes held on Thursday 23rd  April:

 1st: Kathleen Quinn (27) 68, 2nd Linda Donohoe (19) 71, 3rdPatricia Kearney (30) 74.

Minor Cup: Borris were defeated by Athy in Castlecomer GC on Saturday 25th April.

Junior Cup: Borris lost to Athy in Carlow on Sunday 26th April.


Inter Club Matchplay Fixtures:   The Ladies Intermediate Team play Killerig in Mt Wolseley.

Ladies Foursomes team play The Herritage in Carlow on Wednesday 29th April.


Ladies Club  -  Sunday  19.04.15

 Tuesday 9 Hole Stableford Competition   -  April 14th    

Winner:  Shelia Connolly (26)   18 Pts.

3 T’s, Open 18 Hole Singles Stableford held on Thursday 16th April:

 1st: Anna Murphy New Ross (25) 37pts, 2nd Gale Latchford Gowran (26) 37pts, 3rd Linda Donohoe Borris (20) 37pts, 4th Noreen Kinsella Castlecomer (24) 36pts, 5th Anna Lyons Kilkenny (18) 35pts (back 9), 6th Brenda McCarthy Borris (24) 35pts, 7th Nuala Mahon Castlecomer (19) 34pts (back 9), 8th Mary Brophy Castlecomer (22) 34pts. CSS 72.

 Inter Club Matchplay Result:   

 Intermediate Cup:   Borris beat Callan at Castlecomer GC on Monday April 13th.

Inter Club Matchplay Fixtures:

Minor Cup: Borris play Athy in Carlow GC on Saturday 25th April.

Junior Cup: Borris play Athy in Castlecomer on Sunday 26th April.



 Tuesday 9 Hole Stableford Competition   -  April 7th    

Winner:-   Martha Kelly  (20)   19 Pts.


 Weekly Competition Thurs  April 9th   -  18 Holes V -Par

1st     Mary Sheill              (19)       1 Up on last 9

2nd    Bernie Byrne           (12)       1 Up

3rd     Nuala Walsh           (31)       A/F


Bolheim Cup Matchplay

Team C are winners of 2015 Bolheim Cup by just half a shot.

Winning  Panel comprised of B Byrne, F Corrigan, M Smyth, L Kearney, V Gallagher,           A Hughes,  K Mitchell,  L Kidd,  K Quinn.

Overall Points:-   Team  A -  3½     Team B -  7            Team C -  10½         Team D – 11


Borris Ladies Outing to Bunclody Golf Club on Wednesday April 1st

Team winners of this outing :  Linda Donohoe,  Mary Sheill and Nuala Walsh.

Inter Club Matchplay    

Borris Ladies Challenge Cup team (29-36H/C)   suffered a very narrow  defeat at the hands of  Athy at Callan GC on Friday 10th.    With three wins required from five singles matches Patricia Kearney and Julie Keyes  won two keenly contested matches leaving an extremely competitive and determined Janette O’Neill,  who had been 3 down earlier,  battling for victory on the 20th Green.  Sadly it was not to be,  but our team should be very proud of their gallant efforts on behalf of the Club,  and we wish Athy well in the next round.


Intermediate Cup:   Borris  -V- Callan at Castlecomer GC  on Monday April 13th .


                                                              ***  DID  YOU  KNOW  ***

In Stroke /Stableford/V-Par competitions

 if A requests B to leave his ball where it is,  and B complies,


If B gives any indication to A that he will leave his ball where it is so as to assist A,

and  A agrees

 Both players are disqualified.

(Rule 22-1  /   Decision 22-6)


Tuesday 24th 9 Hole Competition was won by Martha Kelly (20) with 22pts.

Thursday 26th 18 Hole Strokes:

1st Kathleen Quinn (27) 72

2nd Valerie Gallagher (18) 75 (back 9)

3rd Jo Byrne (18) 75.



Borris Golf Club   -   Ladies Club                                 Sunday  22.03.15


News of the death of Mrs Ivell Attride brought  great sadness to Borris Golf Club Members this week.   A gentle, gracious and very sincere Lady ,  Past Lady Captain and Honorary Member, Ivell  endeared herself to all who had the privilege of knowing her over so many years.  Her passing leaves a great void  but she has left a legacy of fond memories and superior example with us.  May she rest in peace.


Tuesday 9 Hole Competition  March  17th    -   ILGU Handicaps.

Winner:-   Stephanie Dargan  (29)   15 Pts.  


Weekly Competition Thursday  March 19th   -  18 Holes Stableford.

1st       V Gallagher  (19)    38 Points.

2nd       S Dargan       (29)    36 Points last 9

3rd       K Quinn        (28)     36 Points.


Bolheim Cup Matchplay

V Gallagher & A Hughes (Team D)  beat H Jordan & P Kearney (Team B)

K Mitchell & K Quinn (Team D)  beat N Connolly & B McCarthy (Team B)


Bolheim Singles matchplay which was scheduled for Sat 21st  was cancelled as a mark of respect to deceased Lady Member.


Nan Joyce Matchplay

Draw has been made and is posted on Ladies notice board.  Final date for completion of first round is April 27th.


Ladies Open Charity Singles  – 18 Holes Stableford – Thursday April 16th

Profit  from this competition will be donated to 3 T’S  (Turning The Tide on Suicide)

Timesheet available from Thursday March 26th  -  Ph. 05997 73310.


Inter Club Minor Cup Singles     

Borris -V- Athy at Castlecomer on Saturday 25th April at 3pm.

***  DID  YOU  KNOW  ***

In matchplay  -  If during play of a hole a player gives incorrect information to the opponent about the number of strokes taken,  and does not correct the error before the opponent makes his next stroke, the player loses the hole.

(Rule 9-2)


Borris Golf Club   -   Ladies Club                                 Sunday  15.03.15


 Tuesday 9 Hole Competition  March  10th    -   ILGU Handicaps.

Winner:-   Martha Kelly  (20)   18 Pts.  


Weekly Competition Thurs  March 12th   Cancelled due to course closure.

Bolheim Cup Matchplay

Scheduled matches were cancelled due to inclement weather on Thursday.   Outstanding matches to be played on Monday 16th which is final date for Fourball matches.

Next week’s news bulletin promises a feast of reading with the outstanding Fourball match results plus  results from the Singles matchplay blitz on Saturday next March 21st .   Points won in the Singles matchplay will be added to the Foursomes and Fourball Team results which will determine the Bolheim 2015 Champions.


Borris Ladies Outing to Bunclody Golf Club on Wednesday April 1st

Lots of interest shown in this fun day out organised by the ‘9 Hole Tuesday Ladies’   Space still available on nameslist in locker room.


Inter Club Draws     

Round 1

 Intermediate Cup:   Borris  -V- Callan at Castlecomer GC -  to be played on or by April 13th.

Challenge Cup:         Borris  -V- Athy  at Callan GC -  to be played by on or by April 13th.

Junior Foursomes:   Borris -V- The Heritage at Carlow GC to be played on or by April 29th.

 Round 2

Junior Cup:                Borris -V- Athy at Carlow GC  -  to be played on or by April 27th .

Minor Cup:                Borris -V- Athy at Castlecomer GC to be played on or by May 11th.


***  DID  YOU  KNOW  ***

When any part of the ball overhangs the lip of the hole the player is allowed enough time to reach the hole without unreasonable delay,  and an additional ten seconds to determine whether the ball is at rest.  If by then the ball has not fallen into the hole it is deemed to be at rest.

If the ball subsequently falls into the hole the player is deemed to have holed out with the last stroke, and must add a penalty stroke to his score for the hole; otherwise there is no penalty under this rule.

(Rule 16-2)



Tuesday 9 Hole Competition  March  3rd    -   ILGU Handicaps.

Winner:-   Valerie Gallagher  (19)   18 Pts.


Weekly Competition Thurs  March 5th   -  16 Holes V -Par   -   Winter handicaps.

1st     Nuala Walsh            (30)       1 down.

2nd    Janette O’Neill        (32)       2 down.

3rd    Stephanie Dargan  (29)       2 down.


Bolheim Cup Matchplay

Jo Byrne & Nollaig Lucas (Team B)  beat Bernie Byrne  & Fiona Corcoran  (Team D)


Table Quiz Friday March 6th  -  Results

1st   with 65 Points  -  Cyril Hughes, Des Murphy, Barry Murphy & Michael Dundon.

2nd   with 63 Points  -  Ann Hughes,  Joan Doyle,  Marie Quirke,  Aedeen Beaton.

A great social night was had by all in attendance.  Ladies Committee extend immense gratitude to the Winners who donated their winnings to our Juveniles;  to the runners-up who donated their winnings to the Ladies Club,  and to all who supported this most enjoyable and fun filled fundraising event.


Borris Ladies Outing to Bunclody Golf Club on Wednesday April 1st

Names list on Ladies notice board for Ladies interested in a fab & fun day out.  Teams will be compiled  from those participating,  and an enjoyable day’s golfing is assured.


Inter Club Draws     

Round 1

Intermediate Cup:   Borris  -V- Callan at Castlecomer GC -  to be played on or by April 13th.

Challenge Cup:         Borris  -V- Athy  at Callan GC -  to be played by on or by April 13th.

Junior Foursomes:   Borris -V- The Heritage at Carlow GC to be played on or by April 29th.


Round 2

Junior Cup:                Borris -V- Athy at Carlow GC  -  to be played on or by April 27th .

Minor Cup:                Borris -V- Athy at Castlecomer GC to be played on or by May 11th.


***  DID  YOU  KNOW  ***

If a player’s ball lies on a wrong putting green he/she  must not play the ball as it lies.  The player must lift the ball and drop it within one club-length of the nearest point of relief, not nearer the hole.  (The nearest point of relief must not be in a hazard or on a putting green)

(Rule 25-3b)


Tuesday 9 Hole Competition played on Feb. 23rd    -   ILGU Handicaps.

Winner:-  Nollaig Lucas  (23)   19 Pts.

 Weekly Competition  Thurs  Feb. 26th   -  11 Holes  -   Winter handicaps.

1st     Nollaig Lucas           (23)       21 Pts.

2nd    Margaret Brown    (30)       20 Pts.

3rd    Kathleen Quinn      (28)        19 Pts.


Bolheim Cup Matchplay

B Whelan & J O’Neill (Team C)  beat B Galavan  & N Brown (Team A)

E Cody & E O’Brien    (Team C)  beat L Donohoe & M Sheill  (Team A)

Outstanding  Bolheim Fourball matches must be played by Monday  March 16th , with the culmination of this brilliant competition taking place on Saturday March 21st.  Points gained from the singles matchplay on that day will be added to the totals from Foursomes and Fourballs to decide the overall Bolheim Team winner for this season.

 Entry Fee to Table Quiz at Borris Golf Club on Friday March 6th is €30 per team.

Inter-Club Matchplay competition draws can be viewed on the notice board in Ladies Locker room and makes interesting reading with Borris having drawn Athy in three out of five divisions.

Closing date for entries to Nan Joyce matchplay competition is March 13th


***  DID  YOU  KNOW  ***

If a ball breaks into pieces as a result of a stroke, the stroke is cancelled and the player must play a ball, without penalty, as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was played.

If the ball breaks into pieces as a result of impact with a cart path after a stroke it is deemed to have broken as a result of a stroke, and same applies.

(Rule 5-3 and 5-3/4)



Tuesday 9 Hole Competition on Feb. 17th    -   ILGU Handicaps applied.

Four way tie between M. Kelly, V. Gallagher, K. Mitchell & M. Collins all with 16pts.


 Weekly Competition  Thurs  Feb. 19th   -  11 Holes  -   Winter handicaps applied.

1st     M.Kelly                     (20)       21 Pts.

2nd    V.Gallagher  (19)      20 Pts.

3rd    B.Whelan     (10)        15 Pts.


Bolheim Cup Matchplay

E.Kelly & G.Treacy secured 1 point for ‘Team C’ defeating J O’Connell & S. Dargan Team A


Final date for completion of Bolheim  Fourballs  is Mon March 16th .



Tuesday 9 Hole Competition on Feb 10th .

Winner:  Margaret Collins  (12)   19 Pts


 Weekly Competition Thurs  Feb. 12th

1.   B. Galavan  (17)   38½

2.   M. Collins    (12)   39

3.   A. Hughes    (36)   40



Bolheim Cup Matchplay

Due to inclement weather and course closure during the period allowed for completion of Fourball matches the final date has been extended to Mon 16th



Nan Joyce Matchplay competition 

Names list for competitors is currently on Ladies notice board. Names to be entered by Fri. March 13th.



Table Quiz  in the Clubhouse at Borris Golf Club on Friday March 6th.

‘Questions & Answers’  has nothing on what promises to be a fun filled, mind boggling and thoroughly enjoyable experience headed up by our Quiz Master extraordinaire Mr Billy Canning.  ‘Clever grannies and Grandads ‘ ….. ‘Knowledgeable Young uns’ ….. ‘Babes in arms’ (only if they have the answers !)   …..  and normal folk like the rest of us will go head to head in this battle of wits on March 6th.



Results for 23/10/14

1st   -   Breda Nolan (22)  3 up

2nd  -   Margaret Brown (31)  2 up

3rd   -   Martha Kelly (20) B/9 1 down


Ladies Results for 16/10/14

1st   -   Mary Sheill (19)  34 pts

2nd  -   Nuala Walsh (31)  31 pts B/9

3rd  -   Martha Kelly (20)  31 pts



Results from Ladies Golf competition

Thursday 9/10/14 (Autumn Splash)

1st  -  Bridie Galavan (18)  74 pts

2nd -  Geraldine Treacy (33)  75 pts

3rd  -  Eileen Kelly (15)  76 pts

4th  -  Brenda McCarthy (25)  77 pts

5th  -  Nicola Brown (17)  78 pts

6th  -  Margaret Brown (31)  79 Pts Back 9


Thursday 2/10/14 (Committee Prize)

1st  -  Janette O’Neill (34) 69 pts

2nd  – Bernie Byrne (12) 72 pts

3rd  -  Breda Nolan (22) 72 pts

4th  -  Brid Whelan (14)  72 pts

5th  -  Eithne Cody (24)  73 pts Back 9

6th  -  Patricia Kearney (31) 73 pts


Results Borris Ladies Golf from Competition: Bino Foley Rosebowl 11/9/14

1st   -   Brenda McCarthy (25)  2 up

2nd  -   Eileen Kelly (15)  1 up

3rd   -  Nollaig Lucas (23)  1 up


Lady Captain’s Prize: Stephanie Dargan

1st  Geraldine Tracey (36) 66

2nd  Kathy Mitchell (18) 71

3rd  Kathleen Quinn (28) 71

Gross Joan O’Connell (8) 85

5th  Emer O’Brien (26) 73

6th Bernie Byrne (12) 73

7th  Brid Whelan (14) 74

Past Captain’s - Mary Quirke.


Results from Ladies Competitions

Competiton 21/8/14

 1st   -   Valerie Gallagher (20)  70 pts

2nd  -   Mary Sheill (19)  73 pts

3rd  -   Mary Quirke (14)  75 pts


Thursday 14/8/14

1st  -  Janette O’Neill (36)  37 pts

2nd  – Mary Quirke (14)  34 pts

3rd  -  Eileen Kelly (15)  31 pts


Thursday 7/8/14

1st   -   Eileen Kelly (16)  4 up

2nd  -   Mary Quirke (14)  Even

3rd  -   Mary Sheill (19)  2 down


Borris Ladies Golf Results: competition 31/7/14

1st   -   Joan O’Connell (8)  73

2nd  -   Geraldine Treacy (36)  74

3rd  -   Martha Kelly (20)  75


Captains Prize to Ladies 27/7/14

 1st   -   Joan O’Connell (8) 70

2nd   -  Frances Long (17)  72 B/9

3rd   -  Sheila Connolly (26)  72

4th   -  Lorraine Kearney (29)  73 B/9

5th   -  Ann Williams (34)   73

6th   -  Brenda McCarthy (25)  73

7th   -  Martha Kelly (20)  74



1st   -   Patricia Kearney (31)  72

2nd  -   Martha Kelly (20)  73

3rd  -   Eithne Cody (25)  73



1st   -   Eithne Cody (25)  3 up

2nd  -  Mary Sheill (20)  3 up

3rd   -  Kathleen Quinn (29)  2 up



 1st  -  Stephanie Dargan (30)  38 pts

2nd  -  Janette O’Neill (35)  36 pts

3rd   -  Valerie Gallagher (19)  35 pts


Ladies Results from competition 26/6/14

 1st   -   Liz Sheehan (23)  40 pts

2nd  -   Margaret Brown (33)  39 pts

3rd   -   Eithne Cody (26)  36 pts



1st   -   Margaret Brown (33)  1 down

2nd  -   Brenda McCarthy (25)  1 down

3rd   -   Kathleen Quinn (29)  2 down


Results from Ladies Golf competition


 1st   -   Bridie Galavan (18)  34 pts

2nd  -   Valerie Gallagher (19)  33 pts

3rd   -   Eithne Cody (26)  32 pts


Results from Ladies Golf competition


 1st   -   Stephanie Dargan (31) 72 pts

2nd  -   Emer O’Brien (26)  72 pts

3rd  -   Mary Sheill (20)  75 pts


Results from Ladies Golf competition 29/5/14

1st  -  Stephanie Dargan (31)  32 pts

2nd  -  Nollaig Lucas (23)  32 pts

3rd   - Kathleen Quinn (29)  31 pts



Borris Ladies Golf Results for Australian Spoons 22/5/14

1st  -   Lorraine Kearney (29) Patricia Kearney (31)  34 pts

2nd -   Jo Byrne (19) Linda Donohoe (20)  34 pts

3rd  -   Mary Sheill (20)  Liz Sheehan (22)  32 pts


Results from 15/5/14 (Valerie Doyle Qualifier)

 1st   -   Elizabeth Sheehan (22)  32 pts

2nd  -   Martha Kelly (19)  32 pts

3rd   -  Margaret Brown (34)  30 pts


President AF Mitchell’s Prize to Ladies 17th May

1st   -   Martha Kelly (19)  74 pts

2nd  -   Lorraine Kearney (30)  73 pts

3rd  -   Margaret Brown (34)  74 pts

Gross – Bernie Byrne (12)  88 pts

5th   -  Kathy Mitchell (18)  75 pts

6th   –  Brenda McCarthy (25)  75 pts



Ladies Golf Results from competition 8/5/14

1st – Julie Keyes (29)  3 down

2nd – Breda Nolan (22)  4 down

3rd -  Brenda McCarthy (25)  5 down


Results from Borris Ladies Golf competition “Spring Splash” 1/5/14

 1st   -   Brenda McCarthy (26)  70

2nd   -  Helen Jordan (15)  70

3rd   -  Margaret Geoghegan (14)  71

4th   -  Julie Keyes (30)  72

5th   -  Janette O’Neill (35)  74


Borris Ladies Golf Results: Competition 17/4/14.

1st   -   Margaret Geoghegan (15)  40 pts

2nd  -   Margaret Collins (12)  37 pts

3rd  -   Breda Nolan (22)  33 pts


Competition 10/4/14:

1st:  Bridie Galavan (19) 66

2nd: Margaret Collins (12) 70

3rd: Eileen Kelly (15) 70


Competition 03/04/14: 

1st: Joan O’Connell (9) 34 pts

2nd: Margaret Collins (12) 31 pts

3rd:  Margaret Whelan (28) 31 pts


Borris Ladies Golf Results: 

Thursday 27/3/14:

1st  Margaret Collins (12)  2 up

2nd Bridie Galavan (19)  level

3rd  Liz Sheehan (22)  2 down.

Thursday 13/03/14:

1st   Emer O Brien (25) 34pts

2nd Kathleen Quinn (28) 30pts

3rd Nollaig Lucas (20) 28pts


Borris Ladies Golf Results: Thursday 27/2/14

 1st   -   Julie Keyes (26)  20pts

2nd  -   Linda Kidd (24)  20pts

3rd   -  Kathleen Quinn (28)  19pts


Thursday 6/3/14


1st   -  Brenda McCarthy (25) 34pts

2nd  -  Breda Kavanagh (29)  31pts

3rd  -  Nollaig Lucas (20)  28pts


Golf Results Stroke Play 9 hole competition 6/2/14

1st Linda Kidd (26) 34

2nd  Breda Nolan (22) 36

3rd Brid Whelan (12) 36


Borris Ladies 9 hole stroke:


1st Julie Keyes (28) 36

2nd Margaret Collins (9) 37.5

3rd Breda Nolan (22) 38

Borris Ladies 9 hole stroke:


1st Mary Sheill (19) 33.5

2nd Martha Kelly (17) 35.5

3rd Jo Byrne (17) 36.5.


Borris Ladies Golf Results 9 hole stroke:


1st:   M. Collins (11) 35.5

2nd: Bridie Galavan (17) 36.5

3rd: Breda Kavanagh (29) 37.5


1st:    L. Donohoe (20) 36

2nd:  B. Whelan (13) 36.5

3rd:  N. Connolly (16) 37


1st:     B. Galavan (19) 35.5

 2nd:  P. Kearney (30) 37

 3rd:  S. Dargan (29) 37.5


Borris Ladies Golf Results from competition 12/12/13

 9 Hole Strokes

 1st: Margaret Geoghegan (13) 32.5

 2nd Margaret Collins (12) 36

 3rd Breda Nolan (23) 36.5

 4th Jo Byrne (18) 37


Christmas Gala 5/12/13 – Stroke play

1st  Janette O’Neill (35) 31.5

2nd Mary Quirke (14) 34

3rd Brid Whelan (14) 35

4th Linda Kidd (28) 35

5th  Martha Kelly (17) 35.5

6th Brenda McCarthy (25) 35.5


Golf Results:

28/11/13     9 hole strokeplay:

1st Helen Jordan (16) 36

2nd Eileen Kelly (15) 36.5

3rd Bridie Galavan (19) 37.5

4th Patricia Kearney (31)  37.5


Competition 21/11/13

1st:  Nollaig Lucas (22) 34

2nd: Julie Keyes (29) 36.5

3rd:  Martha Kelly (17) 36.5.

Competition 14/11/13 Stroke Play

1st Martha Kelly (19)  34.5

2nd  Niamh Connolly (17)  34.5

3rd Margaret Collins (12) 36

Competition 7/11/13

 1st:  Margaret Geoghegan (15) 32.5

2nd:  Stephanie Dargan (30) 35

3rd: Linda Kidd (28) 36

Results from competition 31/10/13
1st: Mary Morrissey (23)  25 pts
2nd: Bernie Byrne (12)  24 pts
3rd: Bridie Galavan (19)  23 pts

Oct 24th 2013: V Par

                                    1st: Jo Byrne (20)  Even

                                    2nd: Bernie Byrne (12)  2 dwn

                                    3rd Joan O’Connell (9) 2 dwn


Oct 17th 2013:

                                    1st: Kathy Mitchell (18)  34 pts

                                    2nd: Eileen Kelly (16)  32 pts

                                    3rd: Emer O’Brien (25)  31 pts


Results from competition 10/10/13. 

                           1st: Bernie Byrne (12) 36 pts

                           2nd: Kathy Mitchell (18) 32 pts

                           3rd: Breda Nolan (23) 32 pts
C.S.S.  74

Borris Golf Club Ladies Results: Competition “Autumn Splash” Thursday 26/9/13
1st Martha Kelly (21) 66

2nd Ann Williams (35) 68

3rd Emer O’Brien (26) 68

Gross Margaret Collins (12) 84

5th Julie Keyes (30) 69

6th Kathleen Quinn (29) 69.

Borris Golf Ladies Open Day Results 19th Sept. 2013

1st: Mgt. Geoghegan (15 )& B. McCarthy (25) 49pts
2nd: Niamh Connoly (17) & Mgt Whelan (27) 48pts
3rd: MaryQuirke(13) & Deirdre McCabe (15) 46pts
Date to Note:  Autumn Splash next Thursday 26.09.13, 18 Holes Stroke-play.
Front Row:  Linda Donohoe, Bridie Galavan, Brenda McCarthy.
Back Row: Mary Quirke, Eileen Kelly, Bernie Byrne, Breda Nolan, Margaret Geoghegan, Kathy Mitchell, Margaret Collins, Niamh Connolly (Assistant Manager), Helen Jordan (Manager)


On a beautiful day on a lovely course in Roscrea on 9th September the Borris Ladies Miele Fourball team had a comprehensive win over a very good Skibereen team to win the Munster Regional and All Ireland Quarter Final of the Miele Fourball Championship.  The team now plays Laytown Bettystown in the All Ireland Semi Final in Lucan on 5th October.

The Borris Fourball Miele team pairings of Bernie Byrne & Kathy Mitchell, Mary Quirke(Lady Captain) & Eileen Kelly, Margaret Collins & Breda Nolan, Margaret Geoghegan & Linda Donohoe played a fancied Skibereen team in the All Ireland Quarter Final of the competition on 9th September.  The team from Borris had already beaten Mt. Juliet, Carlow, Nenagh, The Heath & Gowran to reach this stage of the competition.  With such stiff competition in tight matches in the earlier stages of the competition the ladies were well prepared to take on the unknown talent of Skibereen.  All the team including substitutes Bridie Galavan & Brenda McCarthy had prepared well and had all completed three practice rounds in the Roscrea venue prior to the Quarter Final. Team Manager on the day was Helen Jordan assisted by Niamh Connolly both of whom provided great support to the team.

As might be expected at this stage of the competition the standard of golf was of a very high order but our girls were well up for the task in hand and proceeded to comprehensively beat the opposition.  First match out was Bernie Byrne & Kathy Mitchell who won their match 6 & 5. The second match of Mary Quirke & Eileen Kelly lost 3 & 2 to an excellent Skibereen pairing. Third out were Margaret Collins & Breda Nolan and they duly obliged winning their match 4 & 2.  As the Miele competition is based on aggregate scoring, at this stage Skibereen could not make up the deficit and they conceded the last march with the final pairing of Margaret Geoghegan and Linda Donohoe called in on 16th with the Borris pair 2 up at that stage.

There were great celebrations after the matches in Roscrea and the Lady Captain, Mary Quirke, was presented with a Pennant for the Club by Bernadette McTague,  Chairperson Mid Leinster branch of the ILGU.  This presentation was greeted with great cheers by the team and their supporters as the Ladies Club last won a Pennant in 1989.  The team was overwhelmed by the support they got on the day with a huge number of Club members travelling to Roscrea to lend their support.

Borris now go forward to meet Laytown/Bettystown in Lucan on Saturday 5th October in the All Ireland Semi Final.  Matches begin at 10.30 a.m. on the day.  The semi finalists on Saturday 5th October are Borris v’s Laytown/Bettystown, MannonCastle  v’s Co. Sligo.  The Final takes place on Sunday 6th October at the same venue.

The full panel for the Miele Fourball Championship is: Mary Quirke, Eileen Kelly, Bernie Byrne, Kathy Mitchell, Margaret Collins, Breda Nolan, Margaret Geoghegan, Linda Donohoe, Bridie Galavan, and Brenda McCarthy.  Manager is Stephanie Dargan.

Borris Ladies Golf Results:

Captain Shane Foley’s prize to the Ladies Sunday 1st Sept 2013

1st: Patriacia Kearney  (35) 68

2nd: Linda Kidd (30) 69

3rd: Breda Kavanagh (32) 72

4th: Mary Smyth (19) 73

5th: Kathleen Quinn (29) 74

6th: Jo Byrne (20) 75

Gross: Joan Connell (9) 76

Ladies Golf Results from competition Thursday 29/8/13
The Cullen Trophy team lost to Bray in the final on Sunday 25th August in Baltinglass
Captains Prize to ladies on Sun 1st Sept. Timesheet 2.45-4.30pm.Cullen Trophy Final this Sun @ 1.30pm in Baltinglass V Bray. Miele regional Final Mon 9th Sept @ 11.40am. All suport appreciated.

Borris Ladies Golf Results:

8/8/13 Stableford:

1st- Kathleen Quinn (33)  42 pts

2nd- Ann Williams (36)  39 pts

3rd- Linda Donohoe (20)  37 pts

15/8/13 Stroke:

1st  - Patricia Kearney (35)  72

2nd - Helen Jordan (17)  72

3rd – Margaret Geoghegan (15)  72

Congratulations to the Cullen Trophy team that beat Delgany in the semi-final on Sunday 11th August.

The final takes place on Sunday 25th August in Baltinglass at 1:30

The Miele Team: Margaret Collins, Breda Nolan, Mary Quirke, Eileen Kelly, Margaret Geoghegan, Linda Donohoe, Bernie Byrne and Kathy Mitchelle had a great win over the Gowran Ladies on 2nd August with Margaret Collins and Breda Nolan winning on the 16th in Borris and Mary Quirke and Eileen Kelly winning 2 up on the 17th in Gowran.
The team are now into the final which will be played in Roscrea and Borris (date to be confirmed).  Support for the ladies would be greatly appreciated for the final.

Results: Mary Quirke’s Captains Prize:

1st Patricia Kearney (36) 70

2nd Sarah Molloy (17) 68

3rd Kathy Mitchell (19) 71

Gross Margaret Collins (12) 75

5th Stephanie Dargan (31) 71

6th Liz Sheehan (24) 72

7th Julia Keyes (30) 72

8th Patricia O’Duiginn (35) 72

Past Captains Prize went to Bridie Galavan (19) 73.


Juvenile 18 Hole:

1st Aoife Barcoe 63

2nd Rachel Bible 70

3rdShannon Kavanagh 71


Mens 9 Hole Singles on ladies captain’s day:

1st: Brendan Kiernan (12) 22pts

2nd: Andrew Bartcliff (18) 20pts

Thursday V-Par:

1st: Mary Morrissey (24) 3up

2nd: Jannette O’Neill (35) 3up

3rd: Helen Jordan (18) 3up

The Ladies qualified for the Semi Final of the Boyne Trophy. They beat Birr in their quarter final on Monday 22nd July. The Team: Eileen Kelly, Mary Quirke, Margaret Geoghean, Kathy Mitchell, Martha Kelly who subbed for Helen Jordan, Bernie Byrne, Jo Byrne and Joan O’ Connell. The team is managed by Helen Jordan. Well done to all! Best of Luck in the Semi Final.

Eist Open Day very kindly sponsored
by Ann Phelan, Pharmacy, Bagenalstown.

1st    Breda Nolan    (22)
Breda Doran    (24)
Mary Nolan      (32) 84Pts


2nd    Kate Hennessy    (10)
Helen Dunne        (24)
Gen Byrne            (23) 82Pts


3rd    Linda Donohoe    (20)
Lucy Tallent        (26)
Mgt. Bower        (32) 82 Pts.

Congratulations to the Cullen Trophy team that beat Baltinglass (last years winners) Golf Club on Friday 12th July.

The Intermediate Cup team had a great victory over Wexford.

The Challenge Cup team lost to Wicklow.

The Miele team beat the Heath and are now in the semi-final.

Results: Singles (Thursday 11th July):

1st    Mgt. Collins     (12)    37
2nd    Mgt. Whelan  (27)    36
3rd    Ann Williams   (36)   36

Well done to the Ladies Boyne Trophy Team that beat Templemore on Wednesday 3rd July

Ladies Two Person Team Event Results:


1st Martha Kelly           (20)
Mary Morrissey       (24)     46pts.

Kathy Mitchell      (19)
Jo Byrne                (20)    45pts.

Kate Hennessey    (10)
Helen Dunne          (24)     44pts. 

Well done to all the winners!

Open Mixed Foursomes:

1st: John Byrne (16) & Joan O’Connell (10) 34.75

2nd: Sean Hanafin (19) & Eimear O’Brien (26) 34.75

3rd: Justin Manning (12) & Linda Donohue (20) 35

Ladies 3 Person Rumble:

1st: Bríd Whelan (14), Kathy Mitchell (19) & Linda Donohoe (20) 85pts

2nd: Joan O’Connell (10), Gillian Guinness (9) & Susan Curran (19) 72pts

3rd: Margaret Geoghegan (14), Brenda McCarthy (25) & Margaret Moore (16) 70pts.

Open Two Person Team:

1st: Tim Kelly (18) & Eileen Kelly (16) 47pts

2nd: James Lillis (10) & Ger O’Neill (18) 47pts

3rd: Denis O’Neill (20) & Frank Murphy (20) 47pts.

Congratulations to the Cullen Trophy team that beat Millicent Golf Club on Sunday 23rd June.

Borris Ladies Golf:

Results: 20/06/13:

1st: Mary Quirke (15) 38pts

2nd: Joan Burgess (10) 37pts

3rd: Helen Jordan (18) 33pts

Borris Golf Club – Ladies Results
Results from Thursday’s competition “Ladies Committee Prize” 13/6/13

1st: Martha Kelly (21)  70,

2nd: Breda Nolan (22)  72,

3rd: Jo Byrne (20) 72,

4th: Mary Quirke (15) 73

5th: Brid Whelan (14) 74,

6th: Kathy Mitchell (19)  74.


Intermediate Team Competition 09/06/13:

Congratulations to our Intermediate Team who beat Rosslare in Bunclody and are now in the quarter final against Wexford. Best of luck in next round.

Development Classic:

1st E Brennan (12), M Daly (15), P Comerford (11) & K Brennan (20) All Castlecomer 97pts,

2nd Michael McCarthy (21), Cyril Hughes (16), Pat Cullen (17) & Brian Fox (21) 96pts,

3rd Declan Roberts (7), David Holmes (12), Pat McGrath (13) & Billy Dermody (17) 94pts,

4th Kieran Kelly (17), Leo Hayden (10), Martin Purcell (13) & Joe Reddy (8) 94pts,

5th Joe Cashe (11), Martin Scallan (12), Mick Hanrahan (15) & Derek Casey (19) 92pts,

6th Edmund Gallahue (10), PJ Dowling (9), James Kelly (13) & Jamie Dunne (4) 92pts,

7th J Sommers (11), D Sommers (12), R Fitzgerald (14) & A Sommers (9) 92pts.

Longest Drive: Men: David McEvoy, Ladies: Margaret Geoghegan

Nearest the Pin: Men: Michael Bolger, Ladies: Margaret Geoghegan

All Ladies Team: Bernie Byrne (11), Eileen Kelly (16), Margaret Geoghegan (14) & Mary Quirke (15) 89pts.

Early Bird Prize: John Barcoe (13), Thomas Foley (16), Ted Joyce (4) & James Doyle (15).

Borris Ball: Martin Monaghan (5), Michael O’Neill (12), Martin Guidera (13) & Declan Murphy (17) 38pts.

Non Gui Prize: Liam Shinnors, Hamish Beaton, Alan Beaton & Willie Doyle.

Friday Prize: G Brett (9), J O’Dwyer (5), D Cashin (13) & S Wazer (18) 90pts.

Saturday Prize: Kevin Ryan (14), Pat Kelly (10), Kevin Hanrahan (19) & John O’Halloran (12) 91pts.

Sunday Prize: Martin Monaghan (5), Roy O’Neill (14), Michael O’Neill (12) & Dermot Kelly (16) 91pts.

9 Hole Singles: 1st Mick Hanrahan (15) 26pts, 2nd Thomas Foley (16) 23pts, 3rd Pat Leahy (20) 22pts.

Development Raffle: 1st Chloe Somers, Ballywilliam, 2nd Ciara Murphy, Graiguenamanagh, 3rd Ailish Healy, Paulstown.

Congratulations to our Ladies Intermediate Team who beat Rosslare in Bunclody and are now in the quarter final against Wexford.  Best of luck in next round

Borris Ladies Golf Results:
Winners for Thursday 6th June
1st Mary Smyth    (21)    41 pts

2nd Linda Kidd      (30)    34 pts

3rd Martha Kelly   (21)     31pts

Results from Presidents Prize 2/6/13:

1st   -   Bernie Byrne (13)  100 ½ pts

2nd   -   Lorraine Kearney (32) 112 pts

3rd   -   Brid Whelan (14)  113 pts

4th   -   Margaret Collins (13)  113 ½ pts

5th   -   Bridie Galavan (18)  114 pts

6th   -   Helen Jordan (17)  114 ½ pts

Best nett score on Thursday  Margaret Geoghegan (14)  73

1st   -   Mary Quirke (15)  66

2nd   -   Nuala Walsh (30) 68

3rd   -   Ann Hughes (36)  71

Thursday 11th Sept

1st Niamh Connolly (17) 71

2nd Mary Morrissey (23) 71

3rd Eileen Kelly (17) 71

4th Mary Smyth (18) 72

5th Liz Sheehan (22) 72

Gross Frances Long (16) 71.