Results: Mens



Open Singles

1st Ger Gahan (11)                42pts

2nd Senan Kavanagh (3)     39pts

3rd Colm Walsh (17)            38pts

Gross: Lar Ronan (5)         31pts

4th Stephen Gannon (11)      37pts

CSS: Sat 36pts & Sun 35pts.


Open Two Person Team on Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th November.

1st: Barry Murphy (21) & Des Murphy (21) 58pts

2nd: Michael Gibbons (17) & Gerry Begley (15) 52pts B/9

3rd: Michael McCarthy (19) & Andrew Dooley (20) 52pts


Open Seniors on Tuesday 30th October:

1st Kieran Lucas (20) 39pts

2nd Pat Kelly (12) 38pts

3rd Sean Treacy (13) 37pts

CSS 37pts.

The 2’s Club was worth €20.


Round Three of Winter League on Wednesday 24th, Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th October:

1st Ger Gahan (12) 39pts L/6

2nd Larry Byrne, Wexford (10) 39pts B/9

3rd Kevin Hanrahan (14) 39pts

Gross: Declan Roberts (6) 30pts

5th Edmond Gallahue (9) 38pts B/9

6th Mark  Fenlon (16) Mt View 38pts B/9

7th Dominic Attride (15) 38pts

Ladies Prize: Kathy Mitchell (19) 35pts

Wednesday Prize: Vinny Lambe (21) 37pts

Saturday Prize: Jimmy Conran (12) 37pts

Sunday Prize: Dermot Maher (21) 37pts

CSS: Wednesday 36pts, Saturday 34pts & Sunday 35pts.

The Two’s Club was worth €14.


Friday 26th October: Last Stephouse Hotel 9 Hole of 2018:

1st Pat Cullen (18) 21pts

2nd Des Murphy (21) 20pts.

Three lucky dips, Joe O’Neill, Sean Hanafin & Kevin Ryan. The birdie hole was won by Brian Dempsey.


Open Fourball


1st Kevin Ryan (14) & Hud Kelly (9)                           47pts

2nd Cyril Hughes (14) & Michael McCarthy (19)    42pts B/9

3rd Brendan Malone (12) & Seamus Cullen (21)  42pts



Healy’s Pharmacies’ Singles

1st Alan Morrissey (13)                   42pts

2nd George Donoghue (15)           40pts

3rd Kevin Cosgrave (22)                  39pts

Healy’s Pharmacies’ Overall (Best 4 cards from 7)

1st Louis Cosgrave (17)                   147pts

2nd George Donoghue (14)           137pts

3rd Cyril Hughes (14)                       137pts


Winter Alliance Round 2

1st Paddy Hayles (19)                      40pts

2nd Kevin Hanrahan (16)                                40ptsB/9

3rd Vinny Lambe (21)                      38ptsB/9

Gross: Michael Bolger (5)             31pts

5th Eoin Cowman (8)                       38ptsB/9

6th Mark Fenlon (16)                       38ptsL/6

7th Mick Gibbons (18)                     38pts

Day Prizes

Wednesday: Moling Reddy(12) 37pts, Saturday:Conan Condon(13) 37pts, Sunday:Terry Whelan(13) 37pts.

Ladies’ Prize: Geraldine Treacy(29) 35pts


Step House Hotel Friday 9 Hole Singles


1st A.Somers(18)               22pts L/6

2nd P.Cullen(18)                                22pts

3rd H.Kelly(9)                      19pts L/6

Pat Cullen won €46 for the Birdie Hole with a birdie on the 12th.


Step House Hotel Friday 9 Hole Singles


1st M.Dundon(19)             23pts

2nd J.O’Neill(11)                                21pts L/6

3rd P.Cullen(18)                 21pts

Overall Results of Step House Hotel 9 Hole Singles League

1st Mick Hanrahan (19)   68pts

2nd Dominic Attride (15)  47pts

3rd Pat Cullen (18)            44pts

John Brophy had a Hole in One on the 4th in the Winter Alliance, which won him €138 in the 2s for birdies.

The Club Mixed Foursomes Matchplay  was won by Sean Kerr (24) and Liz Sheehan (25)  who beat Sean Hanafin (12) and Bernie Byrne(10) in the final.


Open Singles G.O.Y  6th & 7th October

1st Brendan Kiernan (13)               41pts

2nd Cyril Hughes (15)                       40pts L/6

3rd Andrew Dooley (21)                 40pts

Gross: Declan Roberts (7)             31pts

5th Michael Murphy (13)               39pts

6th P.English (16) Enniscorthy      38pts

2’s Club €23.


Step House Hotel 9 Hole Singles Friday 5th October

1st Pat McGrath (14)                       21pts

2nd Declan Roberts (7)                    20pts L/6

3rd A.F. Mitchell (21)                       20pts

Birdie hole drawn by Kathleen Quinn was the 18th… 4 winners of €35 each

The Club Foursomes Champions are Des and Barry Murphy who beat Martin Bolger and Paul Kielthy in the final.


Winter Alliance Round 1

1st Sean  Hanafin (14)                       42pts

2nd Rob Ronan (10) Mt.View         41pts B/9

3rd Greg Murphy (12)                      41pts B/9

Gross : Jamie Dunne (2)                 36pts

5th Kevin Hanrahan (17)                  41pts

6th Pat Foley (15)                               39pts

7th Vinny Shiel  (14)                           38pts B/9

Day prizes :

Wednesday – Lar Ronan (5) Mt.View       38pts L/6

Saturday- Declan Murphy (15)                    37pts B/9

Sunday- Justin Manning (11)                       38pts

Ladies’ Prize : Geraldine Treacy (31)        36pts


Step  House Hotel Friday 28th September 9 holes

1st George Donohoe (15)                   23pts

2nd A.F. Mitchell (19)                        22pts

3rd Joe O’Neill (11)                            20pts L/6

The Borris Cup Club Singles champion is Andrew Dooley who beat Paul Kielthy in the final.

The winner of the Club Masters Singles was Kevin Ryan who beat Mick Hanrahan in the final.


Open Singles  16/09/2018

1st B.Bambrick(8)                60

2nd Michael Bolger((5)      63

3rd J.Lillis(10)                      64

4th H.Kelly(10)                    67 B/9

5th J.Todd(10)                      67 B/9

CSS 69


Step House Hotel Friday 9 Hole

1st M.Hanrahan(19)                         21pts L/3

2nd P.Dundon(14)                             21pts L/6

3rd J.Gorman(10)                               21pts


Healy’s Pharmacies’ Wednesday Open Singles


1st G. Murphy(13)                             39pts

2nd G.Donohoe(15)                          36pts

3rd C.Hughes(16)                               35pts


Junior Scratch (4-9)


1st C. Geoghegan(5)                        75

2nd E. Hanley(6)Carlow                  77

3rd B. Bambrick(8)                            78


1st S. Nolan(7)                                    70

2nd K. Hayden(9)Carlow                 71B/9

3rd E. Gallahue(9)                             71B/9


Intermediate Scratch (10-18)


1st R. Rowan(10)                               75

2nd J. Murphy(12)New Ross         77

3rd J. Manning(12)                            78


1st S. Dooley(14)                               65B/9

2nd K. Ryan(15)                                  66

3rd D. Dundon(13)                            68B/9


Minor Scratch(19+)


1st P. Furlong(20)                              89

2nd M. Dundon(19)                           90

3rd P.J. O’Shea(20)                           91


1st T. Coburn(22)                               68

2nd L. Todd(19)Castlecomer         71B/9

3rd J.Brennan(21)                              71B/9


Step House Hotel Friday 9 Holes

1st M. Hanrahan(19)                        22ptsL/6

2nd Mgt. Collins(12)                         22pts

3rd Bernie Byrne(10)                       21pts


Captain’s Prize (Des Murphy) 36 holes

1st Joe O’Neill (12)                                              133

2nd Matthew Flynn O’Connor (10)                  137

3rd James Lillis (10)                                            138

Gross John Joyce (3)                                         150

4th Pat McGrath (13)                                             140 L/18

5th Des Gannon (14)                                              140

6th Jerry Hanrahan (28)                                      142 L/18

7th Dermot Malone (17)                                        142

Past Captains- Justin Manning (13)       142

J2 Conor Geoghegan (5)                               140

Saturday Prize- Edward Holden (12)        69

Sunday Prize- Frank Murphy (16)              68


Open Singles 22.07.2018

1st Gerry Begley (16)                                       42pts

2nd Dermot Malone (17)                                40pts


Step House Hotel 9 holes 20.07.2018

1st Dermot Malone (17)                                  23pts

2nd Barry Murphy (21)                                    22pts

3rd Edmund Gallahue (9)                               21pts


Open Week 02.07.2018


1st Moling Reddy(13) & John Tuite(11)                                   62

2nd Stephen Gannon(12) & Martin Bolger(9)                        64.5

3rd Joe Tierney(20) Callan & Ruairi O hEochaidh(17)         76.5

4th Declan Roberts(7) & Paul Dundon(15)                              77 B/9



Open Singles 50+ 50-

1st Kieran Lucas(20)                                         39pts

2nd Tom Foley(16)                                            38pts

3rd Eugene Killian(16) Mt. View                 37pts


1st Under 50 James Lillis                                                38pts



Open Singles

1st Moling Reddy(13)                                      41pts

2nd Declan Murphy(17)                                  39pts B/9

3rd Paul Dundon(15)                                        39pts B/9

4th Martin Hanrahan(20)                                39pts

5th John Tuite(11)                                             38ptsB/9

6th John Foley(10)                                            38ptsL/6

7th Sean Hanafin(14)                                       38pts B/9

Ladies: Lill Kelly(24)Baltinglass                 32pts


3 Person Team Event

1st David O’Sullivan(14), Ml. O’Sullivan(20) & Adam O’Sullivan(18)                          93pts

2nd Ml. McCarthy(18), Pat Cullen(18) & Cyril Hughes(16)                                            87pts

3rd Brendan Malone(13), Seamus Cullen(21) & Ml. Murphy(13)                                  85pts

4th Ronnie Rowan(9), James Lillis(10) & Colm Walsh(17)                                      83ptsB/9


Two Person Team on Sunday 1st July:

1st Dermot Malone (17) & Seamus Cullen (21) 49pts

2nd: James Byrne (12) & Anthony Murphy (21) Ballymoney GC, 44pts

3rd Philip Begley (14) & Bart Begley (11) 43pts


2 Person Scramble on Saturday 30th June:

1st Stephen Gannon (12) & Michael Connolly (20) 43pts B/9

2nd Declan Roberts (7) & Dermot Kelly (13) 43pts

3rd Kathy Mitchell (18) & AF Mitchell (19) 40pts


Friday 29th June 18 Hole Singles:

1st Stephen Gannon (12) 39pts

2nd Martin Hanrahan (21) 37pts

3rd Jim Kielthy (13) 36pts

4th Louis Cosgrave (17) 35pts B/9

5th Joe O’Neill (13) 35pts L/6. CSS 36pts.

2’s Club €17.


Open Seniors on Tuesday 26th June:

1st Sean Hanafin (14) 39pts

2nd Tom Coburn (22) 38pts B/9

3rd Michael McCarthy (18) 38pts

CSS 38pts.

2’s Club €38.


9 Hole Singles on Friday 22nd:

1st John Joyce (3) 21pts

2nd Jim Whelan (10) 20pts L/6

3rd Greg Murphy (13) 20pts.  

The 2nd hole was drawn as the Birdie Hole by Sean Treacy and John Joyce won €56.


Two Person Team on Sunday 24th June:

1st Michael Cowman (14) & John  Byrne (16) 56pts

2nd: Michael Gibbons (17) & Gerry Begley (16) 53pts.


Results: Open Singles Viaduct Trophy Strokes on Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th May:

1st Brendan Malone (19) 68

2nd Colin Codd, Mt Juliet (10) 69 L/6

3rd Tom Foley (16) 70

4th Edmund Gallahue (9) 70

5th Thomas Foley (12) 70..

CSS Saturday 70, Sunday 71.

The two’s club was worth €33.


Stephouse Hotel 9 Holes Competition on Friday 4th May:

1st Matty Flynn O’Connor (11) 21pts

2nd Aidan Somers (18) 19pts L/6

3rd Sean Hanafin (14) 19pts L/6.

The 6th was drawn as the birdie hole by Sean Treacy. No winner.

€170 rollover to Friday 9 Hole on 11th May.


Draw for Borris Cup & Club Fourball takes place on Wednesday 9th May.



Two Person Team: 17th March: Morning Draw Only:

1st: Stephen Gannon (12) & Paul Kielthy (18)  68pts.


Open Singles 10th/11th March 2018  G.O.Y.

1st T.C. Clarke (21) 41pts

2nd Michael O’Brien (12)  38pts B/9

3rd Michael Gibbons (18) 38pts B/9

4th Barry Bambrick (9)     38pts

5th Stephen Gannon (13) 37pts

CSS 36pt Sat & Sun   Two’s Club €7


Captains’Drive In 11th March

Two Person Team – 9 Holes

1st A.F.Mitchell (19) & Kieran Lucas  (20)    24pts

2nd John Byrne (16) & Michael Cowman (14)    22pts B/9

3rd Sean Treacy (15) & George Donoghue (15)    22pts


Rd 4 of Winter League:

1st  Edward Holden (12) 41 pts B/9

2nd Martin Cummins (18) 41 pts

3rd  Martin Bolger (9) 38 pts

4th  Pat Cullen (18) 37 pts B/9

5th  Jim White, Kilkenny (9) 37 pts B/9

6th  Liam Naddy, Mt. Juliet (12) 37 pts

7th  John Foley (10) 36 pts B/9


Wednesday Prize: Joe Gorman

Saturday Prize: Luke Kiernan

Sunday Prize: Michael O’Brien


Open 18 Hole Singles on Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th January

1st Conor Geoghegan (5) 44 pts

2nd Michael Connolly (19) 41 pts B/9

3rd Greg Murphy (12) 41 pts

4th Des Murphy (20) 40 pts B/9

5th Thomas Clarke (21) 40 pts L/6


Open Fourball Saturday 20th January

1st: Des Gannon (15) & Stephen Gannon (13) 43pts


Open 16 Holes Two Person Team on Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th January:

1st Conan Condon(12) & PJ O’Shea(21) 55pts

2nd Martin Bolger (9) & Alan Foley (12) 54pts L/9


Open 16 Holes Two Person Team on Saturday 6th January:

1st Jim Whelan (11) & Terry Whelan(13) 55pts

2nd Pat McGrath (13) & George Donoghue (14) 54pts L/3


Open 3 Person Team on Saturday 30th, Sunday 31st December & Monday 1st January:

1st Michael Gibbons (19), Gerry Begley (16) & Philip Begley (15) 79pts

2nd Martin Bolger (9), Seamus Canning (17) & Rory Ó hEochaidh (16) 77pts

3rd Jim Whelan (11), Terry Whelan(13) & Michael Connolly (19) 76pts


Open 16 Hole Singles on Tuesday 26th & Wednesday 27th December:

1st Michael Connolly (19) 37pts

2nd Paul Kielthy (17) 36pts B/9

3rd Sean Treacy (15) 36pts

2’s Club worth €13


Open 16 Holes Two Person Team on Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th December for Christmas Hampers:

1st Jim White (10) & Frank Byrne (16) Kilkenny 57pts

2nd Des Gannon (15) & Stephen Gannon (13) 56pts B/9

3rd Michael Gibbons (19) & Gerry Begley (16) 56pts


Open 16 Holes Two Person Team on & Sunday 17th December:

1st Thomas Foley (11) & Joe O’Neill (12), 55pts

2nd Jim White (9) & Neil Loy (10) Gowran, 52pts L/9

3rd Greg Murphy (12) & PJ O’Shea (21), 52pts


Open 16 Holes Two Person Team on Saturday 9th December:

1st Jim Kielthy (13) & Paddy Hayles (18) 49pts

2nd Pat McGrath (13) & Billy Dermody (14) 47pts B/9


Open 16 Holes Two Person Team on & Sunday 3rd December:

1st Declan Roberts (6) & Dermot Kelly (13) 64pts

2nd Kevin Ryan (14) & Moling Ryan (25) Craddock’s Town GC 63pts L/6

3rd Dermot Malone (18) & Brendan Malone (12) 63pts


Open Seniors on Tuesday 28th November:

1st Michael Jordan (20) 39pts

2nd Billy Redmond (21), New Ross GC

3rd Ger Canty (7) Curragh GC 36pts.

CSS 36pts.  2’s Club €11.


9 Holes Singles on Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th November:

1st Barry Bambrick (9) 22pts L/2

2nd Jim Kielthy (13) 22pts

3rd Dominic Attride (14) 21pts L/2

4th Justin Manning (12) 21pts B/6

5th Paul Kielthy (17) 21pts B/3

6th Thomas Foley (11) 21pts.

Two’s Club worth €7.


The AGM of the Men’s Club took place on Sunday 26th November.

Captain for 2018 is Des Murphy and Vice-Captain is John Joyce. Honorary Secretary is Brendan Kiernan, Competition Secretary is Sean Hanafin & Handicap Secretary is Michael McCarthy. PRO is Cyril Hughes.  Committee is Jim Whelan, Conor Murphy, Denis O’Neill, George Donoghue & Vinny Shiels.

Golfer of the year was Michael Morrissey and runner up was Stephen Gannon. Conor Geoghegan claimed the J2 Golfer of the Year. The Borris Golf Club Match play prizes were presented. The Borris Cup was won by Pierce Healy and runner up was Joe Gorman. The Masters Match play was won by John Foley and runner up was Des Murphy.  Johnny Prendergast & Jim Whelan won the Club Foursomes and runners up were John Byrne & Michael Cowman. David Kelly & Eoin Cowman won the Club Fourball and runners up were Greg Murphy & Eamonn Quirke. The Wednesday League was won by Michael Morrissey with James Lillis in second place and Sean Hanafin third.


3 Person Waltz played on Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th October:

1st Larry Comerford (11), Joe Colclough (14) Gowran & Bobby O’Hara (15) Rathdowney 73pts

2nd Denis O’Neill (20), Frank Murphy (17) & Jim Kielthy (13) 72pts L/6

3rd Jim White (10), Frank Byrne (16) & Neal Loy (10) 72pts


Open Two Person Team on Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th November.

1st: Joe O’Neill (12) & Ronnie Rowan (9) 60pts

2nd: Brendan Malone (13) & Seamus Cullen (22) 59pts B/9

3rd: Pat McGrath (13) & George Donoghue (14) 59pts.


Congratulations to Pierce Healy on claiming his second Borris Cup matchplay title beating Joe Gorman in a very tight game with a birdie on the 18th hole.


Open Seniors on Tuesday 31st October:

1st Johnny Prendergast (7) 38pts

2nd Billy Redmond (21) 36pts

3rd Vinny Lambe (21) 35pts

The 2’s Club was worth €14.

CSS 36pts.


Round Three of Winter League on Wednesday 25th, Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th October:

1st Edward Holden (15) 46pts

2nd Sean Hurley Wexford (12) 40pts

3rd John Joe Nolan (19) 39pts L/6

Gross: Murt Monaghan (6) 33pts

4th Luke Kiernan (10) 39pts

5th Michael O’Brien (14) 38pts

6th Martin Bolger (10) 37pts

Wednesday Prize: Tom Foley (16) 37pts B/9

Saturday Prize: Des Gannon (15) 37pts B/9

Sunday Prize: Shane Nolan (7) 36pts

CSS: Wednesday 35pts, Saturday 37pts & Sunday 35pts.

The Two’s Club was worth €13.



Friday 27th October: Last 9 Hole of 2017:

1st Aidan Somers (18) 22pts

2nd Murt Monaghan (6) 19pts B/9

3rd Joe O’Neill (12) 19pts

The 2nd hole was drawn as the birdie hole. No winner.

€100 shared between 4 birdies in the competition.

Aidan Somers, Murt Monaghan, Justin Manning & Sean Hanafin each won €25.


Open Scotch Foursomes on Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd October:

1st Michael Murphy (12) & Seamus Cullen (22) 62

2nd Aidan Somers (18) & Johnny Murphy (11) 64.5 B/9.


Round 2 of Winter League on Wednesday 11th Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th October:

1st John Bambrick  (12) 38pts L/9

2nd Pierce Brennan (11) 38pts L/9

3rd Paul Dundon (15) 38pts

Gross: Luke Roche (5) 32pts

4th Edmond Gallahue (9) 37pts L/9

5th Joe Gorman (10) 37pts

6th George Donoghue (15) 36pts L/9

Wednesday Prize: Michael Morrissey (7) 36pts L/9

Saturday Prize: Jim White, Gowran (10) 36pts L/9

Sunday Prize: Dan Stallard, Gowran (8) 34pts L/9.

CSS: Wednesday 35pts, Saturday 35pts & Sunday 34pts.

Two’s Club worth €19.


Friday 13th October 9 Hole:

1st Sean Hanafin (13) 20pts

2nd Pat Cullen (18) 19pts

3rd Pat McGrath (12) 18pts.

The 9th was drawn as the birdie hole. No winner so €78 roll-over.

Congratulations to John Foley on winning the Club Masters Match play beating Des Murphy in a competitive final.

Johnny Prendergast & Jim Whelan claimed the Club Foursomes Match play beating a galant John Byrne & Michael Cowman in a very tight final.


Open Fourball on Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th October:

1st Brendan Malone (13) & Seamus Cullen (22) 46pts

2nd Ward Kinsella (15) & Edward Holden (15) 46pts

3rd Del Todd (8) Castlecomer & Kevin Ryan (14) 46pts.


9 Hole Friday 6th October:

1st Liam Fogarty (17) 21pts

2nd Dominic Attride (15) 20pts L/6

3rd Pat Cullen (18) 20pts.

The birdie hole wasn’t won. €60 roll-over.


Round 1 of Winter League on Saturday 30th September, Sunday 1st  October and Wednesday 4th October.

1st Eoin Cowman (9) 38pts L/6

2nd Moling Reddy (13) 38pts L/6

3rd Michael Connolly (20) 38pts L/6

Gross Pierce Healy (7) 31pts

4th Pierce Brennan (11) 38pts

5th Edward Holden (15) 37pts

6th Seamus Canning (17) 36pts

Wednesday Prize: Brendan Joyce (9) 35pts, Saturday Prize: Brendan Malone (13) 36pts, Sunday Prize: Pat Cullen (18) 35pts.

CSS Wednesday 36pts, Saturday 36pts & Sunday 35pts.


9 Hole Friday 30th September:

1st Greg Murphy (12) 21pts

2nd  Dominic Attride (15) 20pts L/6

3rd  Aidan Somers (18) 20pts.

The 3rd was drawn as birdie hole and wasn’t won. €40 roll-over.


 Open Seniors on Tuesday 26th September:

1st Michael McCarthy (19) 43pts

2nd Matt Doyle, Rathdowney (17) 38pts

3rd Martin Donohoe, Gowran (13)  37pts B/9.

Two’s Club worth €100.


Open Singles (Golfer of the Year) on Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th September: 1st Liam Fitzpatrick (18) 41pts

2nd Declan Roberts (7) 39pts L/6

3rd Conan Condon (13) 39pts

Gross: Senan Kavanagh (3) 30pts

4th Pat Cullen (18) 37pts L/6.


9 Hole Friday 22nd September:

1st Joe O’Neill (12) 20pts L/3

2nd Aidan Somers (18) 20pts.

The birdie hole wasn’t won.


Three Person Rumble on Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th September:

1st Eoin Cowman (9), David Kelly (18) & Colm Walsh (16) 82pts

2nd Billy Dermody (14), George Donoghue (14) & Pat McGrath (12) 79pts

3rd John Lawlor (15) Carlow GC, Mick Hoey (22) Carlow GC & Paul Muldoon (17) 78pts.


Congratulations to Conor Geoghegan on winning the Junior Scratch in Gowran with a gross score of 73.


1st John Tuite (12) & Moling Reddy (13) 49pts

2nd Jim Whelan (11) & Alan Foley (12) 47pts


9 Hole Friday 8th September:

1st David Gorman (8) 22pts

2nd Joe Gorman (10) 18pts

3rd Denis O’Neill (19) 17pts L/6.

The 10th hole was drawn as the birdie hole and it wasn’t won.

The Club Fourball Final was won by Eoin Cowman and David Kelly who got the better of Eamonn Quirke and Greg Murphy on the 18th hole. 

Kieran Kelly & Kathy Mitchell beat Pierce Healy & Anne Williams in the Club Mixed Foursomes Matchplay Final.


Open Singles (Monthly Medal) on Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd September:

1st Shane Dooley (18) 45pts

2nd Stephen Byrne (16) 44pts

3rd Michael O’Brien (15) 41pts

Gross: Shane Nolan (7) 32pts

4th Dermot Kelly (14) 39pts

5th Michael Morrissey (7) 38pts L/3.

Two’s Club worth €17.



9 Hole Friday 1st September:

1st Michael Connolly (21) 23pts

2nd Joe O’Neill (12) 22pts

3rd Conor Geoghegan (5) 21pts.


Open Seniors Tuesday 29th August:

1st Sean Hanafin (14) 42pts

2nd Dan Glynn (16) 41pts

3rd Greg Murphy (13) 40pts B/9. 

Two’s Club worth 25.


Milo Dundon Junior Scratch Cup:


1st Senan Kavanagh (4) 73

2nd Conor Geoghegan (5) 76 B/9

3rd Alan Bolger Castleblaney GC (5) 76

Milo Dundon Junior Scratch Cup:


1st Johnny Prendergast (17) 65

2nd Eoin Cowman (9) 70 B/9

3rd James Todd (9) 70

 Intermediate Scratch Gross:

1st Pat Kelly (11) 78

2nd Martin Bolger (10) 79 B/9

3rd John Bail Enniscorthy (10) 79

Intermediate Scratch Nett:

1st Joe Dillon (15) 67 B/9

2nd Dermot Kelly (15) 67

3rd Jim Whelan (12) 68

Minor Scratch: Gross:

1st Des Murphy (21) 88


1st Andrew Dooley (22) 67

Two’s Club worth €21.

Congratulations to John Bambrick on having a hole in one on the 16th.

Well done Murt Monaghan in winning the Waterford GC Junior Scratch with a 74 Gross. 


9 Hole Friday 25th August:

1st Joe O’Neill (12) 20pts L/6

2nd PJ O’Shea (21) 20pts L/3

3rd Michael Dundon (19) 20pts

The 5th was drawn as the birdie hole and Christopher Walsh won €27.


Open Singles (Pierce Healy) on Wednesday 23rd August:

1st Tim Kelly (16) 37pts B/9

2nd Michael O’Sullivan (11) 37pts B/9

3rd Terry Whelan (13) 37pts.

The two’s club was worth €17.


Lady Captain, Janette O’Neill’s Prize to Men on Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th:

1st Paddy Hayles (19) 66 B/9

2nd Gerry Begley (17) 66

3rd Jim Whelan (12) 67 B/9

Gross: Senan Kavanagh (4) 74

4th Louis Cosgrave (17) 67

5th Pierce Brennan (12) 68 B/9

6th Pierce Healy (9) 68 B/9.

The two’s club was worth €16.


9 Hole Friday 18th August:

1st Mick Hanrahan (18) 20pts L/6

2nd Joe Gorman (10) 20pts

3rd Liam Fogarty (17) 19pts L/6.

The 7th was drawn as the birdie hole and Liam Fogarty won €70.


Open 2 Person Team (6 Golf Club Challenge) on Sunday 13th August:

1st Dermot Kelly (15) & Declan Murphy (17) 49pts

2nd Pat Cullen  (18) & Sean Foley  (18) 46pts.


 9 Hole Friday 11th August:

1st PJ O’Shea (21) 20pts L/2

2nd Tie..Edmund Gallahue (9) & Denis O’Neill (20) 20pts

3rd Helen Jordan  (18) 19pts


Open Singles Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th August:

1st Michael Gibbons (19) 40pts L/6

2nd Edmund Gallahue (10) 40pts

3rd Brendan Kiernan (11) 39pts B/9

4th Martin Bolger (10) 39pts

5th Joe Gorman (10) 38pts B/9.

The two’s Club was worth €12.



Step House Hotel 9 Hole Singles on Friday 4th July:

1st Shane Dooley (19) 25pts

2nd John Butler (12) 24pts

3rd Jim Kielthy (13) 21pts L/6.

Congratulations to Senan Kavanagh on winning the Junior Scratch in Castleknock Golf Club with an excellent score of 76 Gross.


Step House Hotel, 9 Hole Singles on Friday 28th July:

1st Joe O’Neill (12) 21pts

2nd John Tuite (12) 20pts

3rd Joe O’Neill 20pts.

The 4th Hole was drawn as the Birdie Hole and there was two winners of €19.50 Kieran Lucas & Liam Fogarthy.



Open Singles (Golfer of the Year) on Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th July:

1st David Kelly (21) 45pt

2nd Stephen Gannon (14) 39pts B/9

3rd Conor Geoghegan (6) 39pts B/9

Gross Murt Monghan (7) 31pts

4th Des Gannon (16) 39pts.

The 2’s Club was worth €21.



Get in to Golf: 18 Holes Singles:

1st Paudie O’Toole

2nd Robert Canning

3rd John Brophy.


Congratulations to John Foley on winning the Intermediate Scra in Kilkenny Golf Club with an excellent score of 76 Gross.


Open Seniors Tuesday 25th July:

1st Pat Furlong (20) 41pts B/9

2nd Jim Whelan (13) 41pts

3rd Vinny Lambe (22) 40pts

The 2’s Club was worth €14.


Open Two Person Team 23rd July:

1st Pat Cullen (18) & Greg Murphy (13) 58pts

2nd Michael Murphy (12) & Brendan Malone (13) 57pts.


Captain’s Prize 2017 (Cyril Hughes)

1st Declan Roberts (8) 134

2nd Pierce Healy (10) 136 L/18

3rd Joe Gorman (11) 136 L/18

4th  Johnny Murphy (11) 136

5th Alan Foley (12) 137 L/18

6th Edward Holden (15) 137 L/18

7th Des Gannon (17) 137

8th Martin Hanrahan (20) 138 L/18

Past Captain’s:  John Foley (11) 139

Saturday Prize: Stephen Gannon (15) 66

Sunday Prize: Ward Kinsella (16) 68

Juvenile Prizes: 1st James Bible, 2nd Joe Dundon, 3rd Kyle Foley.

9 Hole Mixed Foursomes: 1st AF Mitchell & Kathy Mitchell 37 L/6.  


Step House Hotel 9 Hole Singles 21st July:

1st Aidan Somers (18) 22pts

2nd Des Murphy (21) 20pts L/6

3rd Willie Dempsey (18) 20pts.

The 17th was drawn as the birdie hole and there was no winner.


The qualifying round for Captain Cyril Hughes’s Prize to Men took place on Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th July. These are the top 39 players along with three J2’s that qualified for an 18 Hole play-off on Saturday 22nd July from 2pm. Declan Roberts 65, Stephen Gannon 66, Pat McGrath 66, Des Gannon 67, Johnny Murphy 67, Martin Hanrahan 67, Pat Canavan 68, Ward Kinsella 68, John Kavanagh 68, Edmund Gallahue 69, Patrick O’Neill 69, Jonathan Hickey 69, Andrew Dooley 69, Declan Murphy 69, Edward Holden 69, Pat Foley 69, John Byrne 69, Sean Kerr 70, Mick Coady 70, Shane Dooley 70, William Dempsey 70, Brendan Kiernan 71, Martin Cummins 71, Vinny Lambe 71, Tom Foley 71, Joe Gorman 71, Shane Nolan 71, Jimmy Jordan 71, Alan Foley 71, John Enright 71, Des Murphy 71, Gerry Begley 72, Joe O’Neill 72, Jimmy Conran 72, Dermot Kelly 72, Luke Roche 72, Pat O’Neill 72, John Foley 72, Brendan Malone 72, Pierce Healy 72, Paul Murray 72 & James Quinn 72.

Step House Hotel 9 Hole League 14th July:

1st Gerry Begley (17) 23pts

2nd Jim Whelan (13) 22pts L/6

3rd Eamonn Quirke (18) 22pts.

The 8th was drawn as the birdie hole and the €170 was won by Mary Quirke.

The overall winner of The Step House 9 Hole League was Denis O’Neill with Joe O’Neill second and Dominic Attride in third place.

Well done to Shane Nolan in winning the Intermediate Scratch in Gowran recently with a score of 79.


Open Two Person Team on Sunday 9th July:

1st Margaret Collins (12) & Kathy Mitchell (18) 49pts

2nd Sean Hanafin (14) & Dominic Attride (15) 48pts L/6

3rd Martin Bolger (10) & Edward Holden (15) 48pts.


Open 4 Person Team on Saturday 8th July:

1st Mick Coady (16), Mary Sheill (22), Johnny Murphy (12) & Aidan Somers (18) 92pts,

2nd Sean Hanafin (14), Michael Cowman (13) John Brennan (20) & John Byrne (16) 91pts,

3rd Eileen Kelly (10), Pat Leahy (18), Tim Kelly (16) & Johnny Prendergast (7) 89pts L/6.


Open Singles Friday 7th July:

1st Tom Foley (17) 41pts

2nd Sean Hanafin  (15) 39pts

3rd Paul Murray  (17) 38pts L/6

4th  Barry Bambrick  (9) 38pts

5th Paddy Hayles  (19) 37pts B/9

6th Tom Coburn  (22) 37pts.

CSS 37pts. The two’s were worth €28.


Open Singles on Tuesday 4th July:  

Age 50+:

1st Jerry Hanrahan (30) 43pts

2nd Billy Hoare (30) 39pts L/6

3rd Eugene Killian (18) Mt View 39pts

30-50yrs:  Thomas Foley (10) 39pts

Under 30yrs: Shane Nolan (9) 41pts.

CSS 37pts: The 2’s Club was worth €20.


Open Foursomes Stroke Play Monday 3rd July:

1st Sean Hanafin (15) & John Brennan (20) 65.5 B/9

2nd Pierce Brennan (11) & Johnny Murphy (12) 65.5

3rd Justin Manning (12) & AF Mitchell (18) 66.


Three Person Team Event (any combination) on Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd July:

1st  Louis Cosgrave (17), John Byrne (16) & Dominic Attride (15) 91pts

2nd Jim Smyth (27), Andrew Dooley (22) & Michael Geoghegan (20) 84 pts B/9

3rd Sean Hanafin (15), John Foley (11) & Pierce Brennan (11) 84pts

4th David Gorman (8), Martin Cummins (17) & Barry Bambrick (9) 83pts.


Open Week Singles Friday 30th June:

1st Shane Dooley (20) 38 pts B/9

2nd  Shane Foley (9) 38 pts

3rd  Paul Dundon (15) 37 pts B/9

4th  Jimmy Conran (12) 37 pts

5th  Martin Monaghan (7) 36 pts

6th  Aidan Somers (18) 35 pts.

Twos club worth  €30.


Open Seniors Tuesday 27th June:

1st Pierce Brennan (12) 41pts B/9

2nd Michael Jordan (22) 41pts

3rd Art O’Leary (17) 39pts B/9.

Two’s Club worth €14.


Open Singles V Par Sunday 25th June:

1st Michael Connolly (21) 4up

2nd Rory Ó hEochaidh (16) 3up

3rd John Byrne (16) 1up.

CSS: 69 or 1up. Two’s Club worth €16.  


Open 4 Person Team Event on Saturday 24th June in aid of St Michael’s N.S. Newtown St Mullin’s:

1st T Joyce (3), B Joyce (9), D Joyce (11) & JJ Donohoe (17) 90pts

2nd M Scallan (12), P Lambert (13), M Rossiter (15)  & D Casey (21) 89pts

3rd B Bambrick (9), David Gorman (8), M Cummin’s (17) & Eoin Cowman (8) 87pts

4th S Canning (17), L Dunne (10), D Gannon (17) & S Gannon (15) 86pts.

Non GUI Prize: J Murphy, L Collin’s, M Ryan & L Redmond 90pts.

Longest Drive for Men: John Murphy.

Longest Drive for Ladies: Mary Smyth.

Nearest the Pin for Men: Shane Foley.

Nearest the pin for Ladies: Bernie Byrne.


Stephouse Hotel 9 Holes Par 3 Competition on Friday 23rd June:Week 8.

1st: Shane Dooley (20) 22 pts

2nd: Mick Hanrahan (18) 22pts L/3

3rd: Mick Coady (16) 22 pts.

Birdie hole was 14. No winner so rollover is €134.

Week 9 will be on Friday 14th July.


Open 2 Person Team on Sunday 18th June:

1st Brendan Malone (13) & Dermot Malone (18) 63pts

2nd Pat Foley (15) & Michael Dundon (18) 60pts. 



Lady Captain’s Prize 9 Hole Competition:

1st Frank Murphy 19pts L/6

2nd Seamus Canning 19pts L/6

3rd Pierce Healy 19pts L/3

4th Pierce Brennan 19pts. 


Stephouse Hotel 9 Holes Par 3 Competition on Friday 16th June:

1st Aidan Somers (17) 21pts L/6

2nd Pierce Healy (9) 21pts L/6

3rd AF Mitchell (18) 21pts.

The 5th was drawn as the birdie hole and there was no winner. €89 roll-over.


Open Singles (Pierce Healy League) on Wednesday 14th June:

1st Joe O’Neill (13) 41pts

2nd Pierce Healy (10) 40pts

3rd Luke Roche (5) 39pts. CSS 37pts.

The 2’s Club was worth €81.  


Open Singles on Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th June:

1st Sean Hanafin (16) 67 B/9

2nd Alan Foley (13) 67

3rd Martin Hanrahan (20) 68

Gross: Senan Kavanagh (5) 77

4th Dominic Attride (15) 69 B/9

5th Des Gannon (17) 69

CSS Saturday was 72 & Sunday 70.

The 2’s Club was worth €44.


Step House Hotel 9 Holes Singles on Friday 9th June from 3pm:

1st Denis O’Neill (20) 22pts

2nd Aidan Somers (17) 21pts

3rd Barry Bambrick (9) 18pts.


Festival of Golf Champagne Scramble Results:

1st James Lillis, Joe Dillon, Billy Dunne & Kieran Kelly 99pts,

2nd Les, Mick & Ger Walsh, Ballymoney & Seamus Aldridge, 97pts,

3rd Ger & Mick Walsh, Michael Rossiter & Larry Doyle, Ballymoney, 95pts B/9,

4th  Martin Bolger, Alan Foley, Jim Whelan & Stephen Byrne, 95pts B/9,

5th Des Murphy, Michael Dundon, Pat Foley & Stephen Murphy, 95pts L/6,

6th Martin Scallan, Pat Lambert, Michael Rossiter & Derek Casey, 95pts,

7th Michael Gibbons, Brendan Malone, Des Malone & Mick Murphy, 94pts L/6,

8th Aldo Marini, Gianni Valente, Paolo Fusco & Luigi Martino, 94pts.

Borris (yellow) Ball:

1st Senan Kavanagh, Barry Bambrick, Martin Cummins & Michelle Daly, 44pts,

2nd Michael Morrissey, Sean Hanafin, Ted Joyce & David Bambrick, 41pts.


1st Mary Sheill, Mary Smyth, Margaret Whelan & Liz Sheehan 87pts,

2nd Margaret Collins, Helen Jordan, Mary Smyth & Geraldine Treacy, 84pts.

Friday Prize: Pat, Michael, Sonny & Noel Landers, Cappoquin, 93pts,

Saturday Prize: Pierce Healy, Paul Dundon, Ward Kinsella & JJ Donohoe 91pts,

Sunday Prize: Pierce Healy, Declan Roberts, John Foley & John Brennan,

Monday Prize: Des Murphy, Michael Cowman, John Byrne & Sean Hanafin, 93pts.

Nearest the Pin: Pat Cullen.

Longest Drive Men: Jamie Dunne.

Longest Drive Ladies: Eileen Kelly.


Festival of Golf Raffle Results: 1st Mary Darcy, Baltinglass GC, Moto Caddy Golf Trolley, 2nd Ann Hughes Hamper, 3rd Denis O’Neill, Champagne, 4th Brendan Joyce, Killarney Crystal Glasses, 5th Murt Monaghan, Wine/Chocolate, 6th Sean McGinnitty, Wine/Chocolate.


Open Seniors Singles on Tuesday 30th May:

1st  William McGee (17) 40pts

2nd   Sean Treacy  (14) 38pts B/9

3rd  Sean Hanafin  (17) 38pts..

2′s Club worth  €10.


 Open 3 Person Rumble on Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th May:

1st Sean Hanafin (17), Dominic Attride (16) & Christopher Walsh (13) 81pts

2nd Aidan Somers (17), Johnny Murphy (11) & Mick Coady (16) 80pts B/9.


Stephouse Hotel 9 Holes Par 3 Competition on Friday 26th May:

1st Sean Treacy (14) 21pts

2nd David Gorman (8) 20pts L/6

3rd Eoin Cowman (8) 20pts.

The 9th hole was drawn as the birdie hole and wasn’t won. €35 roll over.


President’s Prize (Kieran Lucas) to Men and Ladies on Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st May: The President’s Prize qualifier to Men took place on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of May. The qualifiers played a 9 hole playoff on Sunday during very blustry weather conditions. The eventual winner was Thomas Foley who claimed his second President’s Prize.

1st Thomas Foley (11) 101.5

2nd Edmund Holden (16) 102

3rd Liam Fogarty (20) 103

Gross: Ted Joyce 113

4th Stephen Gannon (15) 103.5

5th Martin Scallan (13) 104.5

6th Eoin Cowman (8) 105

7th Martin Bolger (12) 105

8th Kevin Ryan (14) 105.


Stephouse Hotel 9 Holes Par 3 Competition on Friday 19th May:

1st  Sean Hanafin (17) 22pts,

2nd  Dominic Attride (16) 21pts,

3rd  Joe O’Neill (13) 19pts L/6.

The 11th hole was drawn as the birdie hole and Joe Gorman won €22.


Open Singles Juvenile Fundraiser on Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th May:

1st Rory Ó hEochaidh (17) 40pts,

2nd Dan Glynn (16) 39pts B/9,

3rd Denis O’Neill (20) 39pts,

4th Ronnie Rowan (8) 38pts B/9.


Open Singles on Wednesday 10th May:

1st Billy Dunne (19) 40pts

2nd Dan Glynn (17) 37pts

3rd Conor McCarthy (19) 36pts

No 2’s so €86 rollover to the next Wednesday League.


Open Singles Viaduct Trophy on Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th May:

1st Michael Gibbons (20) 38pts,

2nd Martin Bolger (12) 35pts L/6,

3rd Michael Morrissey (8) 35pts B/9,

Gross Tommy Lennon, Carlow (2) 30pts,

4th John Tuite (12) 35pts L/6,

5th Declan Roberts (7) 35pts L/6.

CSS 35pts.

The two’s club was worth €16.


Open Fourball Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th April.

1st Pierce Brennan (11) & Pat Leahy (18) 45pts,

2nd Terry Whelan (13) & Donal Kelly (13) 42pts B/9,

3rd Jim Whelan (13) & Rory Ó hEochaidh (18) 42pts.


Stephouse Hotel 9 Holes Par 3 Competition on Friday 5th May:

1st Des Murphy (20) 23pts,

2nd Joe O’Neill (13) 20pts,

3rd John Tuite (12) 20pts.

The 13th was drawn as the birdie hole and Joe O’Neill won €70.

Preliminary round of  Borris Cup to be played by Tuesday 23rd of May. Well done to Jamie Dunne in finishing second in the Bunclody Senior Scratch. Fourball matchplay entries now open. Sheet in men’s locker room.


Stephouse Hotel 9 Holes Par 3 Competition on Friday 28th:

1st Liam Fogarty (20) 22 pts L/6

2nd Eoin Cowman (8) 22pts

3rd Niamh Strudwick  (27) Mt Juliet 20pts.

Birdie hole drawn was the 6th and there was no winner. €26 rollover to next Friday.


Open Seniors on Tuesday 25th April:

1st George Donoghue (15) 39pts

2nd Pat Canavan (22) 38pts

3rd Tadhg O’Connell (30) 37pts B/9.

CSS 37pts. Two’s Club worth €8.


PGA Tankard Open Singles on Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd April:

1st Senan Kavanagh (5) 41pts L/3

2nd Pat Kelly (12) 41pts B/9

3rd John Foley (12) 41pts B/9

Gross: Jamie Dunne (2) 36pts

4th Jim Kielthy (13) 41pts

5th Tim Kelly (16) 40pts.

CSS 37pts. The Two’s Club was worth €14.


Stephouse Hotel 9 Holes Par 3 Competition on Friday 21st :

1st Sean Hanafin  (17) 24 pts,

2nd Sean Kerr (23) 23pts L6,

3rd Sean Hanafin  (17) 23pts.

Birdie hole drawn was the 15th and was won by Pierce Healy & Pat McGrath. €41.50 each.


Open 3 Person Champagne Scramble on Easter Saturday 15th & Easter Sunday 16th April:

1st Johnny Murphy (11), Michael Coady (15) & Aidan Somers (17) 97pts

2nd Greg Murphy (13), Tom Foley (17) & George Watters (17) 95pts

3rd Des Murphy (20), Stephen Murphy (17) & Pat Foley (14) 91pts, B/9.

Congratulations to Greg Murphy on having a hole in one on the 7th hole of the 3 Person Champagne Scramble on Easter Saturday.


Stephouse Hotel 9 Holes Singles on Friday 14th:

1st Alan Foley (12) 22pts

2nd Brendan Kiernan (11) 20pts

3rd  David Tuite (15) 19pts L/6

The 8th hole was drawn as the birdie winner.. €48 rollover to next week which will be a 9 hole par 3 competition.


Open Wednesday Singles on 12th April:

1st Sean Hanafin (17) 39pts

2nd Conor Geoghegan (5) 37pts

3rd Michael Morrissey (7) 36pts

CSS 36pts. Two’s Club worth €13.

Congratulations to Senan Kavanagh (5) on winning the Junior Scratch Cup in Rosslare Golf Club recently with a 73 Gross.


Open 3 Person Team on Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th April:

1st Teresa O’Neill (24), Adam Holden (18) & Orla McCormack (34) from Callan G.C. 87pts

2nd Joe O’Neill (12), Dominic Attride (16) & Sean Hanafin (17) 86pts B/9

3rd Pat Foley (14), Stephen Murphy (17) & Michael Dundon (18) 86pts.


Step House Hotel 9 Holes Singles on Friday 7th:

1st Sean Hanafin (17) 21pts

2nd Pat Cullen (18) 20pts

3rd Denis O’Neill (21) 18pt L/6.

There was no winner of the birdie hole so it rolls over to next Friday.   


Open Singles (Strokes & Golfer of the Year) on Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd April:

1st James Todd (10) 66

2nd Conor Geoghegan (6) 68 B/9

3rd Michael Morrissey (8) 68

Gross Jamie Dunne (2) 74

4th Michael Coady (16) 69 B/9

5th Greg Murphy (14) 69

CSS: Saturday 70 & Sunday 72.

Two’s Club was worth €14.


Step House Hotel 9 Holes Singles on Friday 31st March:

1st Sean Hanafin (17) 23pts

2nd Johnny Murphy (11) 21pts

3rd Dominic Attride (16) 20pts

Well done to Denis O’Neill and his wife Lady Captain Janette for organizing a successful and entertaining table quiz on Friday night. The quiz was won by Sean Kerr, Hamish Beaton, John Foley & Sean Hanafin.


Results: Open Seniors Singles on Tuesday 28th March:

1st John G Foley (12) 37pts B/9

2nd William Dunne (19) 37pts

3rd John Brennan (19) 36pts. 


Open Singles V Par on Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th March:

1st Johnny Prendergast (7) 5up

2nd Sean Treacy (14) 3up

3rd James Todd (10) 2up

4th Denis O’Neill (22) Level B/9

5th Sean Hanafin (17) Level B/9

6th Declan Roberts (7) Level

CSS: Saturday Level, Sunday 1up.

2’s Club worth €16.


 Open 2 Person Team (any combination) Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th March:

1st: Kieran Lucas (19) & Sean Treacy (14) 55pts

2nd David Bambrick (24) & John Bambrick (11) 54pts

3rd Billy Dermody (14) & George Donoghue (14) 51pts B/9

The Barton Cup team lost to Kilkenny on Sunday last.


Open Singles on Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th March:

1st Joe Gorman (10) 38pts B/9

2nd Johnny Prendergast (7) 38pts

3rd Michael Morrissey (8) 37pts

Gross: Senan Kavanagh (5) 31pts

4th Aidan Somers (18) 37pts L/6.

Ladies Prize was won by Bernie Byrne. CSS 36pts.

Two’s Club worth €22.

Draw for Paid Up Members for full membership for 2017: Won by Pat Cullen


 Open singles on Wednesday 8th March:

1st Sean Treacy(16) 43pts

2nd Kieran Kelly (16) 40pts

3rd   Ted Joyce (3) 38pts

4th Tim Kelly (16) 37pts

5th John Byrne (16) 37pts.

Two’s Club worth €10.   CSS: 38pts.


Captains Drive In on Sunday 5th March : Captain Cyril Hughes and Lady Captain Janette O’Neill teed off in front of a large crowd on Sunday at 2pm. Even though there was heavy rain on Thursday & Friday the course was open for business and well done to the Saturday morning players who braved the elements. The afternoon draw was played in spring sunshine. Sunday was a far more pleasant day apart from the wind that made scoring tough. Lady Captain Janette and Captain Cyril thanked all players that supported the Drive In and were looking forward to their continued support during the year.

Results of Drive In: 9 Hole 3 Person Team:

1st Aidan Somers (17), Mick Cody (16) & Johnny Murphy (11) 45pts

2nd Edward Holden (16), Johnny Prendergast (7) & Michael Murphy (12) 44pts

3rd John Byrne (16), Michael Cowman (13) & Sean Hanafin (17) 39pts


Open Seniors on Tuesday 28th February:

1st Pat Furlong (20) 37pts

2nd Billy Redmond (21) New Ross, 36pts B/9

3rd Conor McCarthy (18) 36pts L/3.

Two’s Club worth €20. CSS: 36pts.


Round 5 of Winter League on Wednesday 22nd, Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th February:

1st Justin Manning (13) 42pts

2nd Terry Whelan (14) 38pts B/9

3rd Michael Morrissey (9) 38pts

Gross Ted Joyce (3) 34pts

4th Pat McGrath (12) 38pts

5th Eoin Cowman (8) 37pts L/6

6th James Lillis (9) 37pts

Wednesday Prize: Conor Geoghegan (6) 34pts B/9, Saturday Prize: Barry Bambrick (8) 36pts B/9, Sunday Prize: Luke Kiernan (10) 34pts.


Two’s Club worth €19

CSS: Wednesday 35pts, Saturday 36pts & Sunday 33pts.

Overall Winter League: Best 4 scores from the 5 Rounds:

1st Michael Morrissey (9) 145

2nd Pat Cullen (17) 142

3rd Justin Manning (13) 139


Open Fourball on Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th February:

1st Dominic Attride (15) & Sean Hanafin (17) 46pts

2nd John Tuite (11) & Moling Reddy (12) 45pts

3rd Conor Geoghegan (6) & Shane Nolan (9) 44pts B/9.


Round 4 of Winter League on Wednesday 8th, Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th February:

1st Kevin Murphy, Wexford (8) 38pts B/9

2nd Sean Treacy (17) 38pts

3rd Darragh Kelly (19) 37pts

Gross: Ted Joyce (3) 32pts

4th David Tuite (16) 36pts L/3 F/9

5th Michael Coady (16) 36pts L/6

6th Eoin Cowman (8) 36pts L/9

Wednesday Prize: Kevin Hanrahan (16) 34pts, Saturday Prize: Tommy Bolger (14) Gowran 36pts, Sunday Prize: Gerry Begley (17) 36pts.

CSS 35pts on Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday.

Congratulation to Declan Roberts on having a hole in one on the 16th.

The two’s club was worth €13.


Open Scotch Foursomes on Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th February:

1st Johnny Prendergast (7) & Edward Holden (16) 62.5

2nd Pat Foley (14) & Greg Murphy (14) 65.


Open Seniors on Tuesday 31st January:

Sponsored by Sean Treacy:

1st Conor McCarthy (19) 39pts

2nd Joe Malone (17) 38pts

3rd Sean Treacy (17) 37pts

CSS 37pts.      Two’s Club worth €76.


Open Fourball on Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th January:

1st Johnny Murphy (11) & Aidan Somers (17) 46pts

2nd Des Gannon (17) & Stephen Gannon (15) 45pts

3rd Jim Whelan (12) & Terry Whelan (14) 44pts.


Open Singles on Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd January:

1st Stephen Gannon (15) 40pts

2nd Shane Nolan (9) 39pts L/6

3rd Ted Joyce (3) 39pts

Gross: Senan Kavanagh (5) 32pts

4th Rory Ó hEochaidh (17) 38pts B/9

5th John Tuite (12) 38pts B/9

CSS 37pts.

Two’s club was worth €16.


Open Two Person Team:

1st Johnny Prendergast (7) & Edward Holden (16) 58pts

2nd Jim Whelan (12) & Terry Whelan (14) 57pts

3rd Kieran Kelly (16) & Ronnie Rowan (8) 53pts (Last 9)


Open Two Person Team:

1st Murt Monaghan (6) & Dermot Kelly (14) 61pts B/9

2nd Justin Manning (13) & Kathy Mitchell (18) 61pts

3rd Joe Gorman (10) & Pierce Healy (10) 60pts.



Open 3 Person Scramble on Friday 30th, Saturday 31st & Sunday 1st January:

1st Jim White (9) Kilkenny, Vinny Hayes (12) & Alan Byrne (9) 57

2nd Tommy Bolger (14), Patrick Hynes (17) Gowran & Sean Hanafin (17) 58.2

3rd Christopher Walsh (12), Dominic Attride (15) & Sean Hanafin (17) 59.6.


Results: Open Singles on Monday 26th & Tuesday 27th December:

1st Damien Clarke (16) 43pts

2nd Joe Malone (19) 43pts

3rd Brendan Kiernan (11) 40pts

Gross: Declan Roberts (7) 32pts

CSS 37pts.


Open Two Person Team on Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th:

1st Kieran Lucas (19) & Sean Treacy (17) 50pts,

2nd Brian Fox (21) & Pat Cullen (18) 49pts.


Open 3 Person Team on Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th December:

1st Michael McCarthy (18), Pat Cullen (18) & Brian Fox (21) 81pts

2nd Michael Morrissey (8), John Bambrick (11) & Davy Bambrick (24) 77pts

3rd Murt Monaghan (6), Barry Bambrick (8) & Declan Roberts (7) 76pts


Two Person Team 3rd & 4th December:

1st Liam Dunne (9) & Martin Bolger (12) 57pts

2nd Kevin Ryan (13) & Michael Morrissey (8) 56pts

The AGM of the Men’s Club took place on Sunday 4th December.

Captain for 2017 is Cyril Hughes

Vice-Captain is Des Murphy

Honorary Secretary is Brendan Kiernan

Competition Secretary is Sean Hanafin

Handicap Secretary is Michael McCarthy

Committee is John Joyce, Jim Whelan, Thomas Foley, Kieran Kelly & Michael Cowman.


The monthly medals were presented to Michael Cowman, James Todd, Martin Hanrahan, Des Murphy, Billy Dunne, David Gorman, Alan Foley, Shane Foley, PJ Dowling, Brendan Malone & Conor Geoghegan.

Golfer of the year was Michael Morrissey and runner up was Stephen Gannon.

Conor Geoghegan claimed the J2 Golfer of the Year.

The Club Veterans final was won by Moling Reddy beating  Greg Murphy in the final.

The Club Fourball Final was won by Cyril Hughes and Michael McCarthy and runners up were Kevin Ryan and William Dempsey.

The Club Singles match-play final (Borris Cup) was won by Des Murphy who beat Stephen Gannon.

The Club Foursomes Final saw Michael Morrissey and Davy Bambrick beat Brendan Kiernan and James Todd.


Two Person Team played on Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th November:

1st Ger Carroll (9) & Jonathan Hickey (12) Both Gowran 66pts

2nd Edward Holden (16) & Stephen Gannon (16) 62pts

3rd Seamus Canning (16) & Rory ó hEochaidh (17) 59pts B/9


Open Singles Wednesday 9th November:

1st Pat Furlong (20) 39pts

2nd James Lillis (9) 38pts B/9

3rd George Donoghue (14) 38pts B/9


Open Fourball played on Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th November:

1st Chris Walsh (12) & Dominic Attride (15) 45pts

2nd James Morrissey,  Enniscorthy (8) & Michael Rossiter, Ballymoney (18) 43pts B/9.

3rd Jim Kielthy (13) & John Brennan (19) 43pts.


Round 3 of Winter League on Wednesday 26th, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th October:

1st Alan Morrissey (13) 41pts

2nd Jim Keilthy (15) 40pts

3rd Des Gannon (17) 39pts

Gross: John Joyce (2) 35pts

4th Eoin Cowman (9) 39pts

5th  Chris Walsh (13) 39pts

6th Edward Holden (17) 39pts

Wednesday Prize: Lar Rossiter Wexford (14) 38pts

Saturday Prize: Aidan Somers (17) 36pts

Sunday Prize: John Byrne (16) 38pts

CSS Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday 36pts. 


Open Seniors Singles on Tuesday 25th October:

1st Des Walsh (12) 42pts

2nd Pat McGrath (13) 42pts

3rd Michael Murphy (13) 41pts

CSS 37pts.


Open Two Person Team on Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd October:

1st Ger Carroll (9) & Jonathan Hickey (12) 49pts

2nd Johnny Murphy (10) & Mick Cody (16) 46pts

3rd Stephen Gannon (16) & Martin Bolger (12) 45pts


Open Singles on Wednesday 19th October:

1st Kevin Cosgrave (20) 39pts

2nd Dan Glynn (16) 39pts

3rd Pierce Healy (11) 39pts

CSS 37pts


Round 2 of The Winter League on Wednesday 12th, Saturday 15h & Sunday 16th October:

1st Nicholas O’Donnell (12) 40pts

2nd Michael McCarthy (19) 38pts L/9

3rd John Joe Nolan (19) 38pts L/9

Gross: John Joyce (2) 32pts

4th Michael Connolly (21) 38pts

5th  Declan Roberts (8) 37pts L/9

6th Fredrick Boyd (13) Wexford 37pts

Wednesday Prize: Michael Morrissey (8) 37pts

Saturday Prize: Sean Hanafin (17) 35pts

Sunday Prize: Maurice Delaney (11) Wexford 37pts.

CSS Wednesday & Saturday 36pts, Sunday 34pts.


Open Singles on Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th October:

1st Brendan Kiernan (12) 42 pts L/6

2nd Tim Kelly (17) 42pts

3rd Aidan Somers (18) 40pts

Gross: Luke Roche (6) 32pts

4th Thomas O’Donnell (15) 39pts.


Round 1 of Winter League on Wednesday 28th September , Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd October

1st Pat Cullen (19) 38pts L/6

2nd John Byrne (16) 38pts L/9

3rd Edmund Gallahue (10) 38pts

Gross Luke Roche (6) 30pts

4th Kevin Hanrahan (16) 37pts

5th Ronnie Rowan (8) 36pts

6th Jim Whelan (12) 36pts

Wednesday Prize: Dick Curtin, KilkennyGC (11) 36pts

Saturday Prize: Tom Foley (17) 36pts

Sunday Prize: Johnny Murphy (11) 36pts.

CSS Wednesday 36pts, Saturday 35pts & Sunday 34pts.


Congratulations to Michael Morrissey and Davy Bambrick who beat James Todd and Brendan Kiernan in the Club Foursomes Matchplay Final.


Open Seniors on Tuesday 27th September:

1st William McGee (17) 39pts

2nd Seamus Malone (17) 38pts

3rd Ger Canty (9) 36pts.  


Open Singles (Golfer of the Year) on Sunday 25th September:

1st Conor Geoghegan (7) 42

2nd Thomas Foley (10) 38pts

3rd Michael Morrissey (9) 37pts

4th Dermot Kelly (15) 37pts. CSS 36pts.

Congratulations to Michael Morrissey in retaining Golfer of the Year with Steven Gannon coming second. The J2 Golfer of the Year was won by Conor Geoghegan.


9 Holes Friday 23rd October: 

1st Seamus Canning (16) 22pts

2nd Mick Hanrahan (16) 21pts.

The 15th hole was drawn for the birdie hole and the €112 was won by Joe Gorman.


Open Singles on Sunday 18th September:

1st James Lillis (9) 41pts

2nd Brian Fox (22) 39pts

3rd George O’Donoghue (15) 39pts, No Gross

4th Neil Loy (Gowran) (10) 39pts.


Congratulations to Shane Foley who won a golfing trip to Portugal for late next spring in the Men’s All Ireland Captains Prize Winners (Algarve) Competition held in Roscrea Golf Club on Saturday last.


9 Hole Singles on Friday 16th September:

1st Eamon Quirke (17) 21pts

2nd Sean Hanafin (17) 20pts B/9


Open Singles Wednesday 14th September:

1st Kevin Hanrahan (18) 43pts

2nd Kenneth Byrne (13) 38pts

3rd Tom Coburn (21) 35pts.  


Milo Dundon Junior Scratch Cup 2016


1st           David Murphy (7) 75, Carlow

2nd       Patsy Kavanagh (7) 77, Enniscorthy

3rd        Jeff Lynch (4) 78, Callan



1st        Ronnie Rowan  (9) 67

2nd       Joe Gorman (10) 68

3rd        Eoin Cowman (9) 70


Intermediate Scratch


1st        Pat Kelly (11) 81

2nd       Pierce Brennan (11) 81 B/9

3rd        John Kavanagh (13) Waterford 82



1st        Stephen Gannon (17) 65

2nd       Michael Murphy (14) 68

3rd        Joe Dillon (15) 68


Open Two Person Team Event Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th September:

1st Martin Monaghan (4) & Dermot Kelly (13) 47pts

2nd Christopher Walsh (13) & Joe O’Neill (12) 46pts B/9.


9 Hole Singles on Friday 2nd September:

1st Des Gannon (17) 23 pts

2nd Stephen Gannon (17) 21 pts

3rd Joe O’Neill (12) 19pts

The 15th was drawn as the birdie hole and it wasn’t won. €75 roll over to next week.



Open Seniors on Tuesday 30th August:

1st Des Walsh (13) 41pts

2nd Pat Leahy (19) 40pts

3rd Johnny Prendergast  (7) 39pts


Open Singles on Sunday 28th August:

1st Brendan Malone (15) 41pts

2nd Sean Kerr (23) 39pts

3rd Michael Morrissey (9) 39pts

Gross John Joyce (2) 33pts


Results: 9 Hole Singles on Friday 26th August:

1st Thomas O’Donnell (15) 22 pts

2nd Mick Hanrahan (16) 21 pts

3rd Jim Kielthy (15) 21pts


Captain’s 9 Hole results:

1st Billy Dunne (19) 22pts, 2nd Kevin Ryan (12) 21pts​.  


Kathleen Quinn’s Ladies Captain prize to men on Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st August:

1st Brendan Malone (18) 63

2nd Rory Ó hEochaidh (17) 68

3rd Jim Kielthy (15) 68

4th John Byrne (16) 68

5th Tim Kelly (17) 69

6th Shane Foley (8) 69  CSS 70

Lady Captain’s  nine hole competition:

Ladies: 1st Geraldine Treacy, 2nd Janette O’Neill,

Men’s: Sean Hanafin.


Borris Golf Club would like to congratulate Pierce Brennan in winning the Intermediate Scratch in Palmerstown House/Stud G.C. with a fantastic gross of 82.


Open Two Person Team Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th August:

1st Walter Cummins (14) & Martin Butler (14) 48pts

2nd Dominic Attride (15) & Andrew Dooley (21) 47pts


9 Hole Singles on Friday 12th August:

1st Kevin Cosgrave (20) 21pts,

2nd Conor Geoghegan (6) 20pts,

3rd Joe O’Neill (12) 19pts.


Graiguenamanagh Golf Society Charity Classic in aid of Homecare – Saturday 6th August:

1st  Paddy Hayles (18), Jim Kielthy (15), Des Murphy (20), John Brennan (19) 96pts,

2nd Edward Holden (16), Paul Gilchrist (16), Rory Brennan (5), Darragh Murphy (3) 88pts,

3rd Des Gannon (17), Stephen Gannon (18), Seamus Cullen (19), Michael Morrissey (8) 87pts,

4th Eileen Kelly (11), Tim Kelly (17), Eamon Quirke (17), Mary Quirke (14) 87pts,

5th Alan Morrissey (12), Cormac Hickey (4), Tom Hickey (8), John Larkin (6), 87pts,

6th Conor McCarthy (18), Brenda McCarthy (23), Greg Murphy (13), James Todd (9) 86pts,

7th John Enright (36), Billy Hoare (30), Gerry Hanrahan (30), Tadhg O’ Connell (30) 85pts,

8th Jonathon Hickey (11), Ger Carroll (8), Anthony Brennan (28), Gerry Brennan (25) 85pts,

9th John Kavanagh (20), Liam Fogarty (19), Conor Murphy (15), Ted Joyce (3) 85pts.

Best Back 9 – Louis Cosgrave (16), John Byrne (16), Tom Coburn (21), Jimmy Conran (11)

Non GUI – Paul Kielthy, Mick Murphy, Dean Grennan & Johnny Maher.


Open Singles Sunday 7th August:

1st Paul Muldoon (16) 40pts

2nd John Foley (12) 38pts

3rd Shane Nolan (9) 36pts


9 Hole Singles on Friday 5th August:

1st Mick Hanrahan (16) 20pts,

2nd Edmund Gallahue (10) 20pts,

3rd John Kavanagh (20) 19pts.

Des Murphy won the birdie hole €68 (4th hole)


Singles Golfer of the Year

1st         PJ Dowling (5) 38pts

2nd        Kevin Hanrahan (18) 37pts

3rd         Michael Morrissey (8) 37pts

Gross    Murt Monaghan (6) 31pts

4th         Alan Foley (12) 37pts


Open Seniors on Tuesday 26th July:

1st Tim Kelly (18) 42pts

2nd Tadhg O Connell (32) 41pts

3rd Tom Quinn (11) 39pts.

CSS 37pts,


Captain Kevin Ryan’s 18 Hole qualifying round was played on Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th of July with 42 players getting through to an 18 hole play-off on Saturday the 23rd of July. The course was challenging over the two weekends with some tricky but fair pin positions. The winner was Shane Foley playing off a handicap of 9.

1st Shane Foley (9) 137,

2nd James Quinn (16) 137,

3rd Michael Dundon (18) 138,

Gross: Murt Monaghan (6) 151,

4th Conor Geoghegan (7) 138,

5th Conan Condon (13) 138,

6th James Todd (9) 139,

7th Michael McCarthy (19) 139,

8th Eamon Quirke (17) 139,

9th Justin Manning (12) 139,

Past Captain’s:  John Byrne,

Saturday Prize: Donal Kelly (13) 68, Sunday Prize: Ronnie Rowan.

Captain’s 9 Hole Competition: Men’s Sean Hanafin, Ladies Margaret Collins.

Raffle for Golf Trolley & Bag: Conan Condon.

Friday 22nd 9 Hole:

1st Michal Coady (16) 22pts,

2nd Darragh Kelly (19) 21pts,

3rd Moling Reddy (13) 20pts.

Two Person Team (6 Golf Clubs Challenge) Played on Sunday 24th July:

1st Brendan Kiernan (11) & James Todd (9) 42pts,


Qualifying round for Captain Kevin Ryan’s Prize to Men:

The qualifying round for Captain Kevin Ryan’s Prize to Men took place on Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th July. These are the top 42 players that qualified for an 18 Hole play-off on Saturday 23rd July.  Shane Foley 65, Eamon Quirke 67, Brendan Rowan 67, Justin Manning 67, Michael McCarthy 67, Martin Monaghan 68, John Byrne 68, Michael Hanrahan 68, James Quinn 68, Donal Kelly 68, Pat Kelly 69, Tim Kelly 70, Conan Condon 70, John Moran 70, Conor Geoghegan 70, Rory Ó hEochaidh 70, Frank Murphy 70, Michael Dundon 70, James Todd 70, Thomas O’Donnell 71, Pat Keane 71, Pat Foley 71, Kieran Kelly 71, Martin Hanrahan 71, Luke Roche 71, Brendan Kiernan 71, Michael Connolly 71, Barry Bambrick 71, Gerry Begley 72, Edward Holden 72, Thomas Foley 72, Mick Coady 72, Des Gannon 72, Dermot Kelly 72, William Dempsey 72, Stephen Gannon 72, Brian Fox 72, James Kielty 72, Seán Treacy 72, James Lillis 72, Kevin Hanrahan 72 & Terence Whelan 73.

****Buffet in Club House from 7:30pm.



 Open Fourball on Sunday 10th July sponsored by P Scully M.G.M & Curran’s Service Station Leighlinbridge:

1st:  Stephen Byrne (15) & Edward Holden (16) 46pts

2nd: Des Gannon (17) & Seamus Cullen (19) 45pts

3rd: Michael Murphy (13) &  Stephen Gannon (17) 44pts.

Four Person Scramble on Saturday 9th July sponsored by P Scully M.G.M & Curran’s Service Station Leighlinbridge:

1st Edward Holden (16), Jimmy Conran (11), Rory Brennan Carlow (5) & Darragh Murphy Carlow (3) 57.5

2nd John Joyce (2), Ted Joyce (3), Luke Roche (6) & Rory Joyce (12) 58.7

3rd James Lillis (9), Joe Dillon (15), Ronnie Rowan (10) & Kieran Kelly (16) 59.


Friday 8th July Men’s & Ladies Singles Stableford sponsored by Edinburgh Woollen Mills:

1st Seán Treacy (18) 41pts

2nd Joe O’Neill (13) 40pts

3rd Moling Reddy (13) 38pts

Gross: Ted Joyce (3) 35pts

4th Conor Geoghegan.  CSS 37pts


Fourball (Double Trouble) on Wednesday 6th July:

1st Murt Monaghan (6) & Declan Roberts (8) 53pts

2nd Sean Hanafin (16) & Joe Farrell, Gowran (12) 51pts

3rd Barry Bambrick (8) & Michael Monaghan (16) 49pts.


Tuesday 5th July Men’s Singles Stableford sponsored by J Holden Turfcare: 1st Brendan Joyce (9) 41pts

2nd Kevin Ryan (13) 40pts

3rd James Lillis (9) 37pts

4th Liam Fitzpatrick (18) 36pts, CSS 36pts. 


Tuesday 5th July 9 Hole Mixed Foursomes:

1st Seán & Geraldine Treacy (12.75) 32.25

2nd Greg Murphy & Mary Morrissey (8.75) 35.25.

Monday 4th July Men’s 18 Hole Foursomes Strokes sponsored by John Byrne Milk Supplies & Squire Print:

1st Des Gannon (17) & Stephen Gannon (17) 65

2nd Declan Roberts (8) & John Tuite (11) 67.5

3rd Shane Foley (8) & Mick Hanrahan (17) 69.5


3 Person Team Event (any combination) on Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd July sponsored by Paddy Tully

1st: Michael Murphy (13), Brendan Malone (18), Dermot Malone (17). 86pts L/9, 

2nd : Justin Manning (12), Dermot Maher (12), Billy Dermody (12) Last 9 , 86pts,

3rd Michael Morrissey (8), David Bambrick (23), & Cathal Coughlan (18) 86pts last 6.   


Open Week: 18 Hole Singles sponsored by O’Dwyers Golf Shop:

1st James Kelly (9) 38pts

2nd John Foley (11) 38pts

3rd Pierce Brennan (11) 38pts

Gross: John Joyce (2) 33pts

Seniors Prize: Louis Cosgrave (16) 36pts. CSS 36pts


Open Seniors Tuesday 28th June:

1st Eamon  Quirke (18) 38pts

2nd Brendan Kiernan (11) 38pts CSS 37pts. 


Open Singles (monthly medal) on Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th June:

1st Alan Foley (12) 39pts B/9

2nd Stephen Gannon (18) 39pts

3rd Michael Morrissey (9) 37pts

CSS Saturday & Sunday 36pts


9 Hole Singles on Friday 24th:

1st Declan Roberts (7) 21pts

2nd Aidan Somers (18) 21pts.


Open Singles on Saturday 18th   & Sunday 19th June:

1st James Quinn (17) 41pts

2nd Sean Hanafin (18) 40pts

CSS Saturday 36pts, Sunday 33pts. 


9 Hole Singles on Friday 17th June:

1st Pat Keane 22pts

2nd Barry Bambrick 21pts

3rd Thomas O’Donnell 20pts.


Open Singles 12th June:

1st Pat McGrath (13) 39pts

2nd Eamon Quirke (18) 37pts B/9

3rd Shane Fox Ballymoney GC (11) 37pts  CSS 36pts 


 9 Hole Men’s Competition 11th June (Lady Captain Kathleen Quinn): 1st James Todd (9) 21pts

2nd Michael Dundon (17) 19pts


9 Hole Singles on Friday 10th June:

1st Shane Nolan (10) 22pts

2nd Dominic Attride (15) 21pts


Open Singles on Wednesday 8th June:

1st Des Gannon (19) 44pts

2nd Ted Joyce (4) 44pts

3rd John Joyce (2) 43pts. CSS 37pts.


    FESTIVAL OF GOLF 3rd – 6th JUNE              

1st Kieran Kelly, Jim Kielty, Paddy Corbett & Paddy Kelly              95pts

2nd Paul Muldoon, Conor Geoghegan, Shane Nolan & John Walsh Blessington Lakes 94pts

3rd ML Landers, Pat Landers, Sonny Landers & Noel Landers (Waterford)               93pts B/9

4th Liam Dunne (Faithlegg), Jonathan Hickey (Gowran), Mark Bolger & Michael Connolly 93pts B/9

5th Eoin Cowman, ML Purcell, David Kelly & Martin Cummins   93pts B/9

6th Derek Casey, Larry Doyle, ML Rossiter & Michael Walsh            92pts B/9

7th John Foley, Pierce Brennan, Pat Hyland & David Kelly                    92pts B/9

Winner of Ladies:                                                                                                              Bernie Byrne, Jo Byrne, Margaret Collins & Kathy Mitchell             76pts

Friday Prize:                                                                                                                                   Joe Gorman, Pierce Brennan, Pat McGrath, Pierce Healy

Saturday Prize:                                                                                                                 Andrew Dooley, Shane Dooley, Mick Delaney & Alfie Phelan

Sunday Prize:                                                                                                                                 Cyril Hughes, Brian Fox, Pat Cullen & Michael McCarthy

Monday Prize:                                                                                                                                     Greg Murphy, Eamon Quirke, Mary Quirke & Michael Dundon

Longest Ladies Drive: Eileen Kelly

Longest Men’s Drive: John O’Dwyer

Nearest The Pin: AF Mitchell

Most Accurate Drive on 12th Hole: Dave Kearney

Non GUI Prize: Craig Doyle, James Doyle, Brian Doyle & James Geoghegan (All Bagenalstown)


Open Two Person Team Event on Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th May:

1st Liam Dunne (11) Faithlegg & Jonathan Hickey (12) Gowran 61pts

2nd John Tuite (11) & David Tuite (16) 61pts

The JB Carr team defeated Carlow. The Central Towns Team lost to Portarlington.


9 Hole Singles: 27-5-16:

1st John Kavanagh (19) 21pts

2nd Shane Nolan (11) 20pts

3rd Paul Muldoon (16) 18pts


Kieran Lucas’s Presidents Prize played on Saturday 21rd May and Sunday 22nd May: Mr Kieran Lucas was absolutely delighted with the great turnout for his President’s Prize to Men and Ladies.  The competition ran smoothly and the thundery weather didn’t interfere with it.  The competition was 18 hole single stroke play with a 9 hole play off on Sunday evening for Men. David Gorman qualified with a nett 67 and was a worthy winner after shooting a 37 gross in the 9 hole playoff.  Ladies played a straight 18 hole singles and Bernie Byrne won with a nett 74.    

1st: David Gorman (8) 100,

2nd: Thomas Foley (10) 102,

3rd: Michael Coady (15) 102.5,

Gross: Murt Monaghan (6) 109,

4th: Jim Kielty (15) 104.5,

5th: Brendan Kiernan (11) 104.5,

6th: Declan Dundon  (12) 105,

7th: Moling Reddy (14) 105,

8th: Micheál J Shiels (18) 105.

Past President’s Prize was won by A.F. Mitchell (17) with 105.

Saturday’s & Sunday’s CSS 70.


Open Singles on Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th May in aid of the juveniles:

1st Billy Dunne (20) 43pts

2nd Greg Murphy (15) 43pts

3rd Michael Dundon (18) 39pts.

Ladies prize: Eileen Kelly (13) 33pts.

Nearest the pin on the 4th hole was Thomas O’Donnell.  CSS 36pts.


Open 3 Person Waltz on Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th May:`

1st Rory Ó hEochaigh (17), John Canning (18) & Seamus Canning (15) 82pts

2nd Mick Murphy (13), Dermot Malone (16) & Brendan Malone (17) 81pts B/9.


9 Hole Friday 6th May:

1st Conor Geoghegan (7) 22pts

2nd Kevin Ryan (13) 19pts

3rd Eamon Quirke (18) 18pts.

The first was drawn as birdie hole and was won by Conor Geoghegan.


Open Singles (Viaduct Trophy) on Saturday 30th April & Sunday 1st May:

1st Sean Treacy (19) 39pts

2nd James Quinn (18) 38pts

3rd Conor Murphy (17) 37pts

4th Sean Hanafin (18) 36pts, CSS 35pts.

Borris had a good win over Portlaoise in the Centrals Towns on Saturday last.


Open Seniors Tuesday 26th April:

1st Louis Cosgrave (17) 39pts

2nd Kieran Lucas (19) 37pts

3rd Fergus Hodnett (12) East Cork GC 37pts

CSS 36pts


Open Singles Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th April:

1st Des Murphy (21) 68

2nd John Foley (11) 68

3rd Louis Cosgrave (17) 68

Gross: Jamie Dunne (1) 75

4th Conor Murphy (17) 68.

CSS Saturday & Sunday 70.


Open Fourball Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th April:

1st Eamon Quirke (17) & Mary Quirke (14) 45pts

2nd Louis Cosgrave (17) & Tom Coburn (19) 44pts B/9.

The Barton Cup team lost to Castlecomer by the odd game 3 & 2. Well done to both teams for an entertaining game.


Open Singles (PGA Tankard) on Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th April:

1st Martin Hanrahan (20) 37pts B/9

2nd Conor Geoghegan (8) 37pts

3rd Eoin Cowman (9) 36pts B/9

Gross Jamie Dunne (1) 32pts

CSS Saturday & Sunday 34pts.


Open 2 Person Team Event on Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd April:

1st Martin Bolger (12) & Terry Whelan (13) 64pts

2nd John Canning (18) & Alan Foley (12) 59pts.

The Mt Leinster Trophy Foursomes team lost to Mt Wolseley in the Final on Sunday 3rd April. The G.U.I. All Ireland Fourball team beat Mountain View on Sunday last and the Duggan Cup Team was defeated by Castlecomer.


Open Seniors Tuesday 29th March:

1st Conor McCarthy (19) 40pts

2nd Louis Cosgrave (18) 39pts

3rd Billy Dunne (20) 38pts

CSS 37pts.


Open Singles on Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th March:

1st James Todd (10) 68

2nd Conor McCarthy (20) 70

3rd Michael McCarthy (20) 70

4th Brian Fox (22) 70

Leading Lady: Eileen Kelly (13) 73.

CSS Saturday 73, Sunday 72.

The Eoghan & Ruairí Chada Memorial 9 Hole 4 person scramble was won by PJ Dowling, Eamon Normanly, Patrick Kavanagh & Louis Brennan.


Scotch Foursomes on Sunday 20th March:

1st:  Michael Purcell & Benny O’Hanlon (15) 43pts,

2nd: Jonathan Hickey & Michael Murphy (13) 42pts

The Mt Leinster Trophy Foursomes team beat Killerig 4 to 2 on Sunday last.

They now play Mt Wolseley in the Final.


Open Singles on Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th March (Paid up Members Draw):

1st Michael Cowman (13) 41pts

2nd James Byrne (12) Ballymoney GC 38pts

3rd Michael Morrissey (10) 36pts

Gross Jamie Dunne (1) 29pts

4th Stephen Kennedy (16) Ballymoney GC 36pts.

CSS on Saturday was 34pts & Sunday was 36pts.


The Ladies prize was won by Janette O’Neill (30) with 34pts.

The draw for free sub for 2017 was won by Pat Leahy.

The Mt Leinster Trophy Foursomes team beat Gowran 4.5 to 1.5 on Sunday last. They now play Killerig in the next round on Sunday 20th March.

The Table Quiz held on Friday 11th March was won by Cyril Hughes, Greg Murphy, Kathleen & Michael McCarthy.


Open Singles on Wednesday 9th March:

1st Michael Cowman (14) 36pts B/9

2nd Vincent Shiel (13) 36pts

3rd Billy Dunne (20) 34pts B/9. CSS 35pts.


Captains Drive In (Captain Kevin Ryan & Lady Captain Kathleen Quinn) Sunday 6th March:

1st Brendan Malone (17), Dermot Malone (16) & Mick Murphy (13) 44pts

2nd Sean Kerr (22), Declan Murphy (15) & Michael Cowman (14) 41pts

3rd Martin Bolger (11), Rory ó hEochaigh (17) & Seamus Canning (15) 41pts

The Mt Leinster Trophy Foursomes team halved their match with Mount Wolseley on Saturday 5th March. They now play Gowran in the next round on Saturday 12th March.


Round 5 of Winter League on Wednesday 24th, Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th February:

1st John G Foley (12) 40pts

2nd Kevin Ryan (13) 39pts

3rd Conor Geoghegan (8) 37pts

Gross John Joyce (2) 34pts

4th John Joe Nolan (19) 37pts

5th Seamus Canning (15) 37pts

6th Joe Gorman (10) (37)pts

Wednesday Prize: Laurence Byrne, Wexford (10) 36pts, Saturday Prize: Luke Kiernan (10) 36pts, Sunday Prize: Nicky Lacey, Wexford (17) 36pts.

CSS: Wednesday 34pts, Saturday 36pts, Sunday 36pts.

Over All Winter League Results: Best 4 Scores:

1st Michael McCarthy 146

2nd Paul Dundon 144

3rd John Foley 143.


Open Seniors Singles on Tuesday 23rd February:

1st Billy Redmond (23) 41pts

2nd John Shalloe (4) 38pts

3rd Sean Treacy (19) 36pts, CSS 36pts


Open Fourball on Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st February:

1st Conor Geoghegan (7) & Johnny Prendergast (5) 44pts

2nd Michael Cody (15) & Billy Dunne (18) 44pts


Round 4 of Winter League on Wednesday 10th, Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th February:

1st Martin Scallan (12) 40pts

2nd Johnny Prendergast (7) 39pts

3rd Seamus Canning (16) 36pts

4th Michael McCarthy (19) 35pts

5th Kieran Kelly (16) 35pts

6th Mick Hanrahan (16) 35pts

7th Thomas Foley 35pts

Wednesday Prize: Con Dowdall, Wexford (13) 32pts, Saturday Prize: Stephen Gannon (18) 33pts, Sunday Prize: Michael Murphy (13) 34pts.

CSS: Wednesday 33pts (reduction only), Saturday 34pts, Sunday 36pts.


Open Fourball on Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th February:

1st James Todd (10) & Brendan Kiernan (11) 41pts

2nd Jim Whelan (11) & Donal Kelly (12) 39pts  B/9.


Open Seniors Singles Tuesday 2nd February:

1st Kevin O’Connell (22) 40pts

2nd John Joe Nolan (20) 39pts

3rd Pat McGrath (13) 35pts. CSS 36pts.


Open 3 Person Waltz on Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st January:

1st  John Byrne (16), Kenneth Byrne (13) & Michael Cowman (14) 71pts

2nd Aidan Somers (17), Mick Coady (15) & Johnny Murphy (10) 68pts


Open Two Person Team played on Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th January:

1st Mick Coady (15) & Billy Dunne (20) 55pts B/9

2nd Joe Dillon (15) & Ronnie Rowan (10) 55pts


Results: Open Seniors Singles (December):

1st Rory Ó hEochaidh (17) 36pts

2nd Justin Manning (12) 34pts.


Open Singles on Sunday 27th December:

1st Shane Nolan (12) 42pts

2nd Shane Foley (9) 42pts. CSS 38pts. 


Open Two Person Team Event on Sunday 20th December:

1st Shane Foley (9) & Mick Hanrahan (16) 42pts

2nd Rory Ó hEochaidh (17) & Seamus Canning (16) 41pts.


18 Hole Open Two Person Team Event on Sunday 13th December:

1st Shane Nolan (12) & Conor Geoghegan (8) 62pts.


Results: 18 Hole Open Two Person Team Event on Sunday 6th December for Christmas Hampers:

1st Eoin Cowman (9) & Thomas Foley (9) 59pts

2nd Jim White (8) & Frank Byrne (16) 58pts.


Open singles on Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th November:

1st Martin Bolger (12) 37pts

2nd Conor Geoghegan (8) 35pts

3rd Pat Leahy (18) 34pts

Gross Jamie Dunne (1) 31pts. CSS 34pts 


Open Seniors on Tuesday 24th November:

1st Cyril Hughes (13) 39pts

2nd Joe Malone (19) 38pts

3rd Tom Foley (16) 37pts


9 Hole 3 Person Waltz on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd November:

1st Conor McCarthy (19), Kieran Lucas (19) & AF Mitchell (17) 44pts

2nd Nicholas O’Donnell (11), John Butler (11) & John Moran (20) 43pts B/6

3rd Joe Dillon (15) , Ronnie Rowan (9) & James Lillis (9) 43pts


Open Two Person Team played on Sunday 15th November:

1st Michael McCarthy (20) & Cyril Hughes (13) 47pts B/9

2nd Dominic Attride (15) & John Joe Nolan (20) 47pts.


Wednesday League Open Singles:

1st Kevin Hanrahan (18) 39pts

2nd Jamie Dunne (1) 39pts

3rd James Lillis (9) 39pts            CSS 38pts.

Overall Winners of 2015 Wednesday League:

1st Alan Morrissey 148pts

2nd Kevin Hanrahan 147pts

3rd Johnny Prendergast 145pts.


Round Three of Winter League on Wednesday 28th, Saturday 31st October & Sunday 1st November:

1st Donal Kelly (13) 42pts

2nd Jamie Dunne (2) 40pts

3rd John Joyce (3) 40pts

4th John Byrne (17) 40pts

5th Denis O’Neill (20) 39pts

6th Shane Nolan (12) 39pts

Wednesday Prize: Ger O’Neill (17) 37pts

Saturday Prize: Kevin Cosgrave (20) 36pts

Sunday Prize: Shane Foley (9) 39pts CSS 36pts.

Congratulations to Brendan Kiernan and Margaret Browne in winning the Club Mixed Foursomes defeating Thomas Foley & Nuala Walsh in the Final.


Open Seniors on Tuesday 27th October:

1st Tom Foley (18) 41pts

2nd Ger Canty Cill Dara (11) 38pts

3rd Michael Dee (19) 38pts   CSS 36pts.


Open Two Person Team played on Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th October:

1st Seamus Canning (16) & John Canning (17) 62pts

2nd Stephen Gannon (18) & Des Gannon (18) 60 B/9

3rd Stephen Byrne (14) & Edward Holden (16) 60pts.


Round Two of Winter League on Wednesday 14th, Saturday 17th   & Sunday 18th October:

1st Michael McCarthy (22) 43pts

2nd Conan Condon, (15) 42pts

3rd Johnny Murphy (12) 41pts

Gross Luke Roche (5) 34pts

4th Declan Murphy (16) 40pts

5th   Billy Boggan, Wexford (13) 39pts

6th David Molloy (17) 39pts.

Wednesday Prize: John Brennan (18) 38pts

Saturday Prize: Frank Murphy (19) 38pts

Sunday Prize: Michael Dundon (18) 38pts

CSS each day was 36pts


Open Two Person Team Event Played on Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th October: 1st Aidan Somers (17) & Johnny Murphy (11) 52pts

2nd Des Murphy (21) & Michael Dundon (18) 48pts

3rd MJ Doherty (8) & Martin Bolger (12) 47pts.


Open Singles Wednesday 7th October:

1st Tom Quinn (11) 43pts

2nd Ronnie Rowan (11) 41pts

3rd Sean Hanafin (18) 38pts. CSS 37pts. 


Round one of Winter League on Wednesday 30th  September, Saturday 3rd  & Sunday 4th October:

1st John Canning (19) 40 pts B/9

2nd Martin Donohue, Gowran GC(15) 40pts

3rd Andrew Dooley (21) 39pts

Gross Jamie Dunne (2) 31pts Last 3

4th Conor Geoghegan (8) 38pts

5th   Brendan Kiernan (11) 38pts

6th Jim Kielty (14) 37pts

Wednesday Prize: Pat Staunton (17) 37pts, Saturday Prize: Luke Roche (5) 37pts, Sunday Prize: Michael Dundon  (19) 37pts.

CSS 36pts each day.


Open Seniors Tuesday 29th September:

1st Pat Canavan (23) 40pts

2nd Des Walsh (12) 38pts

3rd Philip O’Neill (26) 36pts

CSS 36pts. 


Open Singles Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th September:

1st Conor Murphy (17) 68

2nd Brendan Kiernan (11) 69

3rd Cyril Hughes (13) 69

4th Peter Firman (27) Wexford 69

5th Michael Cowman (13) 70.    CSS 70.


Open Two Person Team Event on Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th September:

1st Billy Dunne & Kieran Kelly 62 pts

2nd J. Troy + P. Donnelly, Kilkenny 59 pts back 6

3rd Dominic Attride & Jim Smyth 59 pts



Open Singles played on Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th September:

1st Alan Morrissey (13) 38pts B/9

2nd Michael Morrissey (10) 38pts B/9

3rd Brendan Kiernan (11) 38pts Last 6

Gross: Ted Joyce (4) 32pts

4th Liam Quinn (22) 38pts. CSS Saturday 34pts, Sunday 36pts.


Open Singles on Wednesday 9th September:

1st Tom Coburn (22) 46pts

2nd  Martin Hanrahan (20) 37pts

3rd Cyril Hughes (13) 36pts.


Open two person team event on Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th September:

1st Dermot Kelly (14) & Darragh Kelly (20) 62pts

2nd Johnny Murphy (11) & Aidan Somers (17) 60pts B/9.


Open 4 Person Team Classic in aid of Fighting Blindness on Sunday 30th August:

1st Billy Dunne (20), Paddy Corbett (17), Jim Kielty (14) & Mick Coady (15) 97pts,

2nd Shane Foley (9), Thomas Foley (9), Mick Hanrahan (17) & Tom Foley (17) 94pts,

3rd Sean Hanafin (18), John Byrne (16), Conor Geoghegan (8) & Michael Cowman (13) 92pts,

4th Denis Brophy (7), Paul Brophy (18), Aileen Brophy (34) & Brendan Brophy (14) 89pts,

5th Pat O’Hanlon (15), Seamus Lee (23), Seamus Cuddihy (18) & Eileen Cuddihy (19) 87pts.

The raffle hamper was won by Mick Hanrahan.

Thanks to William Dempsey for organising The Classic for a worthy cause. A special thanks to the sponsors Ray Whelan Waste Disposal, John Molloy Metals, Tom Dwyer’s Garage, John Foley Solicitors, Brenda’s B&B & Almyr Dalton.


Open Seniors on Tuesday 25th August:

1st Jim Smyth (24) 36pts

2nd Vinny Lambe (21) 35

3rd Frank O’Farrell (22) 35pts

John Foley and Mick Hanrahan played the Borris Cup final on Wednesday last. Congratulations to Mick Hanrahan in winning the Borris Cup for the second time in his career.

Shane Foley and Mick Hanrahan beat Aidan Somers and Johnny Murphy in The Club Fourball Final.


1st Jim Kielthy (17) 62

2nd John Tuite (11) 65

3rd  Paul Muldoon (16) 66

4th  Pierce Brennan (11) 67

5th  Jim Whelan (12) 67

6th  Martin Scallan (11) 68. CSS 70.


Open Singles Sunday 9th August:

1st  Dermot Kelly (16) 44pts

2nd Roy O’Neill (3) 40pts

3rd Pierce Brennan (11) 39pts     CSS 37pts.


Four Person Graiguenamanagh Charity Classic in aid of Graiguenamanagh Tidy Towns & Bereavement Committees:

1st Shane Foley, Mick Hanrahan, Tom Foley & Thomas Foley 89pts,

2nd Des Murphy, Stephen Murphy, Pat Cullen & Michael Dundon 88pts,

3rd Seamus Canning, John Canning, Kevin Maher & Conor Geoghegan 88pts,

4th Paddy Corbett, Kevin Corbett, Michael Walsh & Nuala Walsh 87pts,

5th Des Gannon, Stephen Gannon, Billy Dunne & Seamus Cullen 86pts,

6th John Joyce, Ted Joyce, Rory Joyce & Martin Donohue 85pts,

7th Martin Bolger, MJ Doherty, Declan Roberts & Michael Coogan 83pts  B/9.

NGUI Dan Galavan, Seamus Cowman, Darren Whelan & Lar Collins.



Open Singles Monday 3rd August:

1st Ollie O’Connor Enniscorthy (13) 38pts

2nd Michael Coady (15) 37pts. CSS 35pts. 


Open Singles (Golfer of the Year) on Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd August:

1st Dan Glynn (14) 39

2nd Paul Muldoon (17) 39pts

3rd Martin Hanrahan (21) 39pts

Gross Ger Ronan (6) 31pts

4th Michael Morrissey (11) 38pts

CSS Saturday 36pts/Sunday 35pts.


Open Seniors on Tuesday 28th July:

1st Dan Glynn (15) 41 pts

2nd Kieran Lucas (21) 41pts

3rd Paul Murray (16) 39pt


Open Singles V Par on Sunday 26th July:

1st Billy Dermody (14) 2 up

2nd Conor Geoghegan (9) Level.


Two Person Team Sunday 19th August:

1st Johnny Greene (16) & Pat Staunton (17) 57pts.


John Byrne’s Captain’s Prize 18 Hole Play-off:  18 Hole qualifying round was played on Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th of July with 42 players getting through to an 18 hole play-off on Saturday the 18th of July. The course was challenging over the two weekends with some tricky but fair pin positions. The winner was Johnny Murphy playing off a handicap of 13.

Captain’s Prize: 1st Johnny Murphy (13) 132

2nd Martin Scallan (11) 133

3rd William Dempsey (18) 135

Gross John Joyce (2) 143

4th Ger Carroll (9) 135

5th Jonathan Hickey (13) 136

6th Greg Murphy (14) 137

7th Sean Hanafin (19) 137

8th Sean Treacy (20) 138.

Past Captain’s Prize went to John Foley (11) 141.

James Kelly (9) 138 won the Junior 2 prize.

Best qualifier on Saturday went to Kevin Ryan (14) 65 and best qualifier on Sunday was Pat Cullen (20) 66.


9 Hole Singles Friday 17th July:

1st Sean Hanafin (18) 24pts

2nd Louis Cosgrave (16) 23pts


Sunday 5th July: Two Person Team:

1st Shane Foley (10) & Mick Hanrahan (18) 45pts

2nd Michael Dundon (18) & Michael McCarthy (22) 44pts

3rd Kevin Hanrahan (19) & Martin Hanrahan (21) 44pts.


Saturday 4th July: 4 Person Scramble Stroke (any combination):

1st Tim Kelly (17), Eileen Kelly (14), Pat Leahy (18) & Ger Carroll (9) 58.2

2nd Aidan Somers (18), Mick Coady (14), Pat Doyle (15) & Conor Geoghegan (8) 58.5

3rd Jim White (8) Kilkenny, Frank Byrne (17) M Burke & P Donnelly (13) 59

4th Thomas O’Donnell (16), John Butler (11) Liam Dunne (11) & Martin Bolger (12) 59.


Friday 3rd July: 18 Hole Singles Stableford:

1st Michael Dundon (19) 39pts

2nd Brendan Kiernan (11) 39pts

3rd Vinny Sheil (13) 39pts

4th  Martin Monaghan (7) 38pts

5th Pat Staunton (17) 37pts.  CSS 36pts.  


Tuesday 30th June: Men’s 18 Hole Singles Stableford:

1st James Lillis (8) 39pts

2nd Vincent Sheil (13) 36pts

3rd Brendan Byrne (22) 35pts

4th Kevin Hanrahan (19) 35pts

5th Cyril Hughes (13) 35pts  CSS 36pts.


18 Hole Foursomes Monday 29th June:

1st Terry Whelan (13) & Donal Kelly (14) 68.5

2nd Sean Hanafin (19) & John Brennan (17) 69

3rd Shane Foley (9) & Mick Hanrahan (18) 72.5.


Four Person Team Event Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th June: 

1st Michael Dundon (19), Pat Foley (13), Stephen Murphy (18) & Peadar Jordan (20) 94pts,

2nd Ward Kinsella (16), Edward Holden (16), Declan Somers Carlow (16) & Dylan Farrell (6) 91pts,

3rd Martin Butler (13)Athy, Declan Meade (21) Athy, Johnny Greene (16) & Pat Staunton (17) 90pts.


Friday 26th June: 18 Hole Singles Stableford:

1st Luke Roche (5) 39pts,

2nd Declan Murphy (17) 38pts,

3rd Murt Monaghan (7) 38pts,

4th Brendan Kiernan (11) 38pts,

5th David Tuite (16) 37pts.          CSS 36pts.


Open Senior’s on Tuesday 23rd June:

1st Pat McGrath (13) 39pts,

2nd Vinny Sheil (13) 38pts,

3rd John Salloe New Ross (6) 37.


Open Singles Sunday 21st June:

1st Joe Gorman (9) 39pts,

2nd David Gorman (8) 38pts,

3rd Dermot Kelly (15) 37pts. CSS 36pts.



RESULTS 9 Hole Singles Friday 19th June: 1st Greg Murphy (13) 22pts, 2nd Shane Nolan (11) 22pts. **********************************************************************

Open Singles played on Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th June: 1st Thomas O’Donnell (18) severe 2nd Barry Bambrick (11) 40pt 3rd Michael Morrissey (11) 37pts Gross: Roy O’Neill 34 pts 4th Luke Roche (5) 37pts   ******************************************************************************* Open Singles on Wednesday 10th June: 1st Nicholas O’Donnell (12) 41pts, 2nd Johnny Prendergast (9) 38pts, 3rd Alan Morrissey (13) 37pts,   CSS 36pts. ************************************************************************** Results: Borris Golf Club Fundraising Development Classic on Friday 5th, Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th June: 1st Martin Scallan (11), Paul Lambert (12), Michael Rossiter (16) & Derek Casey (20) 93pts, 2nd Michael Cowman (13), John Byrne (16), John Brennan (17) & Sean Hanafin (19) 86pts, 3rd Derek Casey (20), Larry Doyle (20), Larry Gainford (15) & Anthony Sinnott (14) 86pts, 4th Michael Morrissey (10), James Fisher (22), Breda Nolan (20) & David Bambrick (23) 86pts, 5th Eamon Quirke (17), Mary Quirke (14), Michael Dundon (19) & Mick Coady (14) 84pts, 6th Mick Coady (14), Aidan Somers (17), John Murphy (13) & Mary Sheills (19) 84pts, 7th Jonathan Hickey (12), Michael Connolly (20), Terry Whelan (13) & Liam Dunne (11) 84pts. Most Accurate Drive Men: Tom Quinn, Ladies: Helen Jordan Longest Drive: Men: Declan Roberts, Ladies: Eileen Kelly Nearest the Pin: Men: MJ Doherty, Ladies: Linda Donohoe Fundraising Raffle: 1st Liam Quinn: GPS Watch, 2nd David Bambrick: Dinner for 4 Springhill Hotel, 3rd Linda Donohoe: Voucher for Rinuccini, 4th Kathy Mitchell: Voucher for The Lord Bagenal, 5th Sean Curran: Voucher for Zuni Hotel Kilkenny, 6th Brendan Kiernan: Voucher for Campagne, 7th Dan Glynn: Voucher for Stephouse Hotel, 8th O’Dwyer’s Golf Shop: Voucher for Clashganny House, 9th Nollaig Lucas: Voucher for Tea Room’s Borris, 10th John Trainor: Voucher for Tea Room’s Borris, 11th Paddy Corbett: Voucher for Tea Room’s Borris, 12th Dan Whelan: Orla Kiely Wash Bag Gift Set, 13th Conor Manning: Kartel Polo Shirt, 14th Remy Quinn Kartel Polo Shirt, 15th Michael Cowman: Boramic Candles, 16th JJ Donohoe: Handbag from Paul’s Kilkenny. ***************************************************************** Open 4 Person Team Event any combination on Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st May in aid of Borris Golf Club Juveniles: 1st Margaret Geoghegan (14), James Kelly (9), Nollaig Lucas (23) & Brenda McCarthy (24) 88pts, 2nd Michael Coady (14), Aidan Somers (17), Johnny Murphy (13) & Mary Sheill (19) 85pts, 3rd  Ger O’Neill (17), Ronnie Rowan (12), Joe Dillon (14) & James Lillis (8) 84pts. Best front 9: Liam Quinn (21), John Quinn (18), Ger Rowan (5) & Thomas Foley (8) 45pts. Best back 9: James Kelly (9), James Todd (9), Conor McCarthy (18) & Brendan Kiernan (11) 43pts. ****************************************************************************** Open Seniors on Tuesday 26th May: 1st Vinny Lambe (22) 37pts 2nd Cyril Hughes (13) 36pts 3rd Michael Jordan (19) 35pts       CSS 35pts ******************************************************************************* AF Mitchell’s Presidents Prize played on Saturday 23rd May and Sunday 24th May: Mr AF Mitchell was absolutely delighted with the great turnout for his President’s Prize. 129 golfers played in the competition. The fabulous weather over the weekend led to some wonderful golf. The competition was 18 hole single stroke play with a 9 hole play off on Sunday evening.      1st: Thomas Foley (9) 100.5, 2nd: David Tuite (16) 102, 3rd: Michael Coady (14) 103, Gross: Jamie Dunne (2) 72, 4th: Joe Dillon (15) 103.5, 5th: Pat Staunton (17) 103.5, 6th: Dominic Attride (14) 104, 7th: Kevin Ryan (14) 104, 8th: Tom Foley (17) 104.5. The Junior prize was won by Roy O’Neill (4) with a 69. Past President’s Prize was won by Kevin Cosgrave (19) with a 72. The Saturday prize was won by Stephen Byrne (15) 68. Sunday’s prize was won by John Brennan (18) 67. Saturday’s & Sunday’s CSS 70. Brenda McCarthy won the Ladies 9 Hole Competition played on Sunday 24th May and Margaret Collins was second. The Irish mixed team defeated Wexford on Tuesday 19th May. ************************************************************************************ The Musgrave Challenge (Rumble) played on Sunday 17th May: 1st Sean Kerr (21), Michael McCarthy (22) & Des Murphy (21) 84pts 2nd Ger Carroll (9), Jonathan Hickey (12) & Jim Kielty (16) 75pts 3rd John Joyce (2), Ted Joyce (3) & Rory Joyce (15) 75pts. *********************************************************************************** Open Singles on Wednesday 13th May: 1st Tim Kelly (17) 41pts 2nd John Joyce (2) 41pts CSS 37pts **************************************************************************** Open Singles on Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th May: 1st James Todd (10) 39pts 2nd Paul Muldoon (17) 36pts 3rd Shane Nolan (11) 35pts Gross: John Joyce (2) 32pts 4th Pierce Brennan (11) 35pts CSS 33pts **************************************************************************** 9 Hole Singles on Friday 8th May: 1st Paul Muldoon (17) 19pts, 2nd Billy Dunne (19) 19pts. The 7th was drawn as birdie hole and it wasn’t won. There will be a €45 roll over to the next 9 hole singles. ***************************************************************************** Borris Golf Club Junior & Intermediate scratch took place on Sunday 3rd & Monday 4th May: Junior Scratch: Milo Dundon Cup Gross 1st           Ted Joyce (4) 72 2nd       Peter Byrne, Wexford (5) 73 3rd        Luke Roche (5) 74 Nett 1st        Eoin Cowman (9) 67 2nd       Roy O’Neill (4) 69 3rd        Michael Morrissey (10) 69, CSS 70   Intermediate Scratch Gross 1st        Jim Whelan (11) 80 2nd       Declan Dundon (13) 81 3rd        Liam Dunne (11) 83 Nett 1st        Billy Dermody (14) 67 2nd       Alan Morrissey (13) 67 3rd        Frank Murphy (18) 70, CSS 70 The Irish Mixed Foursomes had a very good win over Enniscorthy on Bank Holiday Monday winning 3 & 2.  ************************************************************************************ Open Seniors on Tuesday 28th April: 1st Jim Kielty (18) 42pts 2nd Kieran Lucas (21) 39pts, Back 9 3rd Brendan Kiernan (11) 39pts CSS 37pts ************************************************************************************ Open 18 Hole Singles on Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th April: 1st Roy O’Neill (4) 66 2nd Conor Geoghegan (11) 66 3rd Ted Joyce (4) 67 Gross: Luke Roche (5) 68 4th Brendan Kiernan (12) 68. CSS 70.   ****************************************************************************** 9 Hole Singles Friday 24th April: 1st Kevin Cosgrave 20pts 2nd Kieran Lucas 19pts Ladies winner was Mary Sheil 19pts. Borris defeated Seafield GC in the Provincial Towns Cup 5.5 to 3.5 on Saturday 25th The Duggan Cup Team beat Kilkenny GC on Saturday 25th    by a single match which was settled on the 19th hole. *********************************************************************************** Open Two Person Team Event on Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th April: 1st Jim White (7) & Frank Byrne (15) Kilkenny GC 61pts 2nd Eoin Cowman (9) & Kieran Kelly (16) 60pts 3rd Cyril Hughes (13) & Michael McCarthy (22) 60pts.   ****************************************************************************** 9 Hole Singles on Friday 10th April: 1st Thomas O’Donnell (18) 20pts 2nd Paul Muldoon (17) 19pts The 9th was the birdie hole worth €26 and it was won by Michael Dundon. **************************************************************************** PGA Tankard (Singles) on Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th April: 1st Michael Cowman (15) 40pts 2nd John Tuite (11) 38pts 3rd Roy O’Neill (4) 37pts 4th Joe Gorman (9) 37pts 5th Michael Coady (16) 36pts.   CSS Saturday 36pts, Sunday 33pts. The Irish Mixed Foursomes Team had a good win beating Rosslare 3 & 2. The Barton Cup team was narrowly defeated by New Ross 3 & 2. ****************************************************************************** Open Singles on Wednesday 8th April: 1st Conor Geoghegan (12) 45pts 2nd Jonathan Hickey (14) 42pts 3rd Martin Monaghan (7) 38pts.     CSS 37 ******************************************************************************* 4 Person Team Played on Saturday 4th, Sunday 5th & Monday 6th April: 1st Stephen Byrne (15), Edward Holden (16), Ger Carroll (9) & Jonathan Hickey (14) 93pts 2nd Billy Dunne (19), Liam Dunne (11), Brian Dunne (14) & Jim Kielty (18) 88pts ******************************************************************************** Seniors Open Singles on Tuesday 31st March: 1st Jim Conroy (27) Enniscorthy  38pts 2nd Pat Byrne (15) 37pts 3rd Matt Doyle (17) 36pts CSS 36pts ******************************************************************************* Open Singles (Golfer of the Year) on Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th March: 1st Joe Dillon (16) 68 2nd Pierce Brennan (11) 69 3rd James Lillis (8) 70 4th Thomas O’Donnell (18) 70 5th Michael Morrissey (10) 70 ***************************************************************************** Open Scotch Foursomes played on Sunday 22nd March: 1st Cyril Hughes (13) & Michael McCarthy (22) with 41pts 2nd Seamus Canning (15) & John Canning (18) with 40pts ************************************************************************* Singles for paid up members on Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th March: 1st James Kelly (10) 37pts 2nd Edmund Gallagher (10) 36pts 3rd Ronnie Rowan (12) 35pts Gross Ted Joyce (4) 31pts 4th James Quinn (18) 35pts Winner of free membership for 2016 Tom Foley. **************************************************************************** Captain’s Drive In: 1st AF Mitchell (17) & Kathy Mitchell (17) 25pts 2nd Shane Nolan (11) & Joe Dillon (16) 25pts 3rd Kieran Lucas (21) & Nollaig Lucas (23) 24pts ***************************************************************************** Open Two Person Team Event Saturday 28th February & Sunday 1st March: 1st Martin Monaghan (7) & Pierce Brennan (11) 60pts 2nd Jonathan Hickey (14) & John Canning (18) 58pts 3rd James Todd (10) & Brendan Kiernan (11) 58pts **************************************************************************** Open Seniors on Tuesday 24th February: 1st Tom Foley (19) 42pts 2nd JJ Lambert Carlow (9) 41pts 3rd Kevin Cosgrave  (18) 37pts.        CSS 36pts ************************************************************************** Round 5 of Winter League Wednesday 18th, Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd February: 1st Edmund Gallahue (11) 39pts 2nd Paul Dundon (15) 38pts 3rd Sean Hanafin  (19) 37pts Gross John Joyce  (2) 32pts 4th David Tuite (16) 37pts 5th Luke Roche (5) 37pts 6th Joe O’Neill (12) 37pts. Wednesday Prize: Alan Morrissey (14) 36pts, Saturday Prize: Shane Foley (9) 36pts, Sunday Prize: Sean Hurley, Wexford (13) 35pts. CSS: Wednesday 35pts, Saturday 34pts & Sunday 35pts. Overall Winter League Results: 1st: John Joyce 151pts 2nd: Ted Joyce 149pts 3rd: Johnny Prendergast 149pts ************************************************************************************   Winter League Round 4: 1st Nicholas O Donnell (13) 39pts 2nd Nicky Murphy, Wexford (10) 37pts 3rd Johnny Prendergast (9) 36 Gross Peter Byrne, Wexford (4) 30pts 4th John Pitt, Wexford (19) 36pts 5th Pat McGrath (13) 35pts 6th Conor McCarthy (18) 35pts CSS Wednesday 34pts, Saturday 34pts, Sunday 33pts Wednesday Prize: Kieran Lucas (21) 35pts Saturday Prize: John O’Driscoll, Carlow (19) 34pts Sunday Prize: Dominic Attride (14) 35pts. *************************************************************************** 18 Hole Open Two Person Team Event on Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th February: 1st Martin Bolger (10) & Alan Morrissey (14) 48pts 2nd  Pat Cullen (19) & Michael McCarthy (21) 47pts (back 6) 3rd  Billy Dunne (18) & Mick Coady (15) 47pts ******************************************************************************** 18 Hole Open Two Person Team Event on Saturday 31st January & Sunday 1st February: Saturday had a reduced field due to early frost and Sunday’s competition was cancelled. The winners were Johnny Prendergast (9) & Donal Kelly (13) with 44pts *********************************************************************************** Open Seniors Singles on Tuesday 27th January: 1st Des Walsh (12) 39pts 2nd Declan Roberts (5) 39pts 3rd Pat Leahy (18) 39pts CSS 38pts ********************************************************************************** 16 Hole Open Two Person Team Event on Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th January: 1st Pat McGrath (12) & Declan Roberts (5) 60pts 2nd Michael Daly (16) & Ken Hoverden (17) Castlecomer 57pts 3rd Pat Staunton (16) & Johnny Greene (14) 55pts ******************************************************************************* Open Singles Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th January: 1st Pierce Brennan (12) 44pts 2nd Roy O’Neill (5) 41pts 3rd Thomas Foley (9) 40pts CSS 38pts ********************************************************************************** 16 Hole Open Two Person Team Event on Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th January: 1st Shane Foley (9) & Mick Hanrahan (17) 43pts 2nd Des Murphy (20) & Pat Cullen (19) 41pts 3rd Johnny Prendergast  (9) & Alan Morrissey (14) 40pts (Better Back 9) ****************************************************************************** 16 Hole Open 3 Person Team Event (Waltz) on Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th January: 1st Seamus Canning (15), John Canning (18) & Rory Ó hEochaidh 73pts 2nd Michael Cowman (14), Michael Geoghegan (18) & Dominic Attride (15) 72pts 3rd Shane Foley (9), Thomas Foley (9) & Ger Ronan (5) 70pts ************************************************************************* 18 Holes Open Singles on Friday 26th, Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th December: 1st Justin Manning (12) 47pts 2nd Brendan Kiernan (12) 39pts. CSS 38pts ************************************************************************** 16 Holes Open 2 Person Team Event on Sun 21st December: 1st Johnny Greene (14) & Pat Staunton (16) 43pts 2nd Jim White (7) Kilkenny & Dave Conlon (12) 43pts 3rd John Joe Nolan (19) & Dominic Attride (14) 43pts ************************************************************************************ Open Seniors played on Tuesday 16th December: 1st Paddy Hayles (17) 43pts 2nd Cyril Hughes (14) 43pts 3rd Vinny Lambe (22) 41pts CSS 39pts   **********************************************************************************   16 Holes Open 2 Person Team Event on Sun 14th December: 1st Shane Foley (9) & Michael Hanrahan (17) 46pts, 2nd Martin Monaghan (6) & Pierce Brennan (13) 43pts, 3rd Stephen Byrne (14) & Edward Holden (15) 41pts. There was a 3rd prize in the two person team event played on Sunday the 7th of December and it was won by Liam Quinn (21) & John Quinn (15) with 49pts. ******************************************************************************** 16 Holes Open 2 Person Team Event on Sun 7th December: 1st John Barcoe (15) & James Doyle (10) 52pts 2nd Ger Carroll (9) & Jonathan Hickey (14) 51pts ************************************************************************************ Open 2 Person Team Event on Sat 29th & Sun 30th November: 1st Paul Muldoon (17) & Eoin Cowman (9) 58pts 2nd Johnny Greene (15) & Pat Staunton (16) 58pts 3rd AF Mitchell (17) & Justin Manning (12) 58 ************************************************************************************ Open Seniors played on Tuesday 25th November: 1st Paddy Corbett (19) 45pts 2nd Jim White Kilkenny (7) 41pts 3rd Johnny Greene (16) 41pts ************************************************************************* 9 Hole Competition Sunday 23rd November: 1st Joe Gorman (9) 21, 2nd James Lillis (8) 21, 3rd MJ Doherty (7) 21, 4th Benny O Hanlon (13) 20, 5th Pat Leahy (18) 19, 6th John Foley (11) 20, 7th John Canning (18) 19. Men’s Committee 2015: The AGM of the Men’s Club was held in the Club House on Sunday 23rd of November. The 2015 Men’s Committee is: Club President: AF Mitchell, Captain: John Byrne, Vice Captain: Kevin Ryan, Hon. Secretary: Brendan Kiernan, Competition Secretary: Shane Foley, Handicap Secretary: Tom Quinn, PRO: Sean Hanafin. James Lillis, Rory Ó h-Eocaidh, Mick Hanrahan, Sean Hanafin and Pierce Healy.The 12 Monthly Medals Winners were: MJ Doherty, Jonathan Hickey, Mick Coady 2, Luke Roche, Dan Glynn, Dominic Attride, Dermot Kelly, Terry Whelan, Ted Joyce, Eoin Cowman. Thomas Foley. Junior Golfer of The Year: Jamie Dunne. Player Of The Year: Mick Coady. Overall Wednesday League Winners: Sponsored by Pierce Healy: 1st Luke Roche, 2nd Seamus Canning. ***************************************************************************** Open Three Person Scramble on Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th November: 1st Alan Foley (11), Terry Whelan (12) & Jonathan Hickey (14) 45pts, 2nd Jim White, Kilkenny (7), Jack Troy (16) & Dave Conlon 45pts, 3rd Brendan Joyce (8) Luke Roche (5) & Ted Joyce (4) 44pts.  ************************************************************************ Winter League Round 3: 1st: David Molloy (19) 42pts 2nd: Joe Gorman (10) 40pts 3rd: Ger Ronan (5) 40pts Gross: John Joyce (3) 35pts 4th: Brendan Rowan (13) 40pts 5th: Kevin Cosgrave (20) 39pts 6th: Ted Joyce (4) 39pts Wednesday Prize: Sean Buckley, Wexford (20) 38pts Saturday Prize: Eamon Quirke (18) 39pts Sunday Prize: Michael McCarthy (22) 37pts CSS 36pts each day. ****************************************************************************** Open Singles on Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd November: 1st Louis Cosgrave (15) 40pts 2nd Jim Whelan (11) 39pts 3rd Michael McCarthy (22) 38pts 4th Brendan Kiernan (12) 38pts 5th Frank Murphy (19) 38pts. CSS Saturday 38pts                     Sunday 36pts. ************************************************************************** Round 2 of Winter League: 1st: Des Murphy (23) 43pts 2nd: Tim Kelly (19) 42pts 3rd: Ger Carroll (10) 42pts Gross: Jamie Dunne (2) 35pts 4th: Luke Roche (6) 40pts 5th: Kevin Hanrahan (20) 40pts 6th: Luke Kiernan (11) 40pts Wednesday Prize: Matt Doyle (17) 38pts. CSS 36pts Saturday Prize: Richard Curtin (11) Kilkenny 38pts. CSS 37pts Sunday Prize: Peter Byrne (4) Wexford 37pts. CSS 35pts *********************************************************************************** Wednesday Singles 15th October: 1st James Lillis (8) 40pts 2nd Paul Muldoon (18) 38pts. CSS 37pts.   ************************************************************************* Open Scotch Foursomes on Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th October: 1st Martin Monaghan (6) & Pierce Brennan (13) 46pts, 2nd Johnny Greene (16) & Pat Staunton (16) 44pts. ***************************************************************************

Winter League: Round 1: 1st Ted Joyce (5) 43pts 2nd John Joyce (3) 43pts 3rd Johnny Prendergast (10) 40pts Gross Peter Byrne (5) Wexford 34pts 4th Sean Buckley (21) Wexford 39pts 5th Seamus Canning (16) 39pts 6th Paddy Molloy (19) 38pts Wednesday Prize: Mick Hanra